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Painted bathroom tiles before and after

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Painted bathroom tiles before and after

After seeing the great before and after from @elmac , and receiving a crazy large quote to rip out and redo my bathrooms, I decided I'd start a steady cosmetic reno by painting the tiles. I figured if I had a bad result I'd suck it up and rip out/redo at some point. I had previously painted my ugly grey 1995 kitchen cupboards white three years ago with White Knight and had a good result.


This time I used the Dulux Renovator Range, using the white colour off the shelf with no tinting. My existing tiles were an off white colour with grey marbling.


I started by cleaning the tiles with a green scourer/sponge to ensure there was no soap residue etc. 

Then electric sander with 120 grit (my trusty Ozito 18V Detail Sander - I love it - use it all the time)

Then a light hand sand with 400 grit.



1L Dulux Primer 1 coat, wait 4 hours

1L Dulux Renovation Range Tiles & Benchtops Satin White 2 coats, wait 8 hours after each coat.  Yes 2 coats are essential.

(I would have bought gloss rather than satin but my Bunnings was out of stock of the gloss)

1L Dulux Renovation Range Clear Coat Gloss 1 coat


All four coats took 2 days/2 nights. Light hand sand using 400 grit between coats.



Paint brush for cutting in. I used a 75mm and would suggest you also have a 20mm if you have to paint around taps that are close to the bath/spout as I did.  Very easy to wash out with water.

Uni pro mini rollers - I used 7 as I am too lazy to wash them.

Teaspoon handle to open the paint tins.

Old fork to stir the paints.

Chux, microfibre cloth etc to wipe away drops

Old towel to put my paint tin on, I'm a bit messy.

Stanley knife - see tips below!


My tips:

- I didn't bother taping. I'm a bit lazy, but there also tends to be decent 'edges' with tiles or a mm or two between surfaces which means it's not necessary if you have a steady hand.

- YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE ANY CLEAR SEALER / SILICONE !  I didn't even notice that I had clear sealer until I realised the paint wasn't sticking along one edge.  I thought I'd just do a few coats over the clear silicone and eventually the paint would stick - but no friends it doesn't!  It wasn't the end of the world but it was a bit annoying as I had to scrape off 2cm of paint and silicone on the edge, then re-prime and re-paint. Get your stanley knife around the edges to check if you have clear silicone before you start priming.

- As with all painting, go back and check a few times to make sure you don't have any drips, especially on groutlines. Use an unloaded roller over the end of each coat which will help get rid of drips.  I found this paint good quality and really easy to work with.

- As others have found I had LOADS of paint left over.  So I did my kitchen splashback as well, which used up the rest of the white paint. I still have at least a third of a tin of the primer and clear coat left over.

- Note the primer only has a pot life of 3 days, so if you're planning on doing more than one room with it, you'll need to at least prime the second room fairly quickly after the first.  The white paint and clear coat has a pot life of 10 days.


That's it!  It was easy to use and easy to do.  My result is not as dramatic as others as my tiles were a lightish colour anyway, but I'm ecstatic with the result which is way better than the photos show.  It's a real brightener and the tiles look new.


Definitely recommend. 


Bath 1 Before.jpgBath 1 After.jpgBath/shower beforeBath/shower beforeBath 2 After.jpgVanity Before.jpgVanity After.jpgKitchen splashback beforeKitchen splashback beforeKitchen splashback afterKitchen splashback afterKitchen closeup beforeKitchen closeup beforeKitchen closeup afterKitchen closeup after





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Re: Painted bathroom tiles before and after

Hi @Shayna 


They are holding up well to cleaning, though I do just use a soft sponge and not a wiry/scrubber type. I am quick to spot clean (as I'm still keen for them to be looking perfect, we'll see how long that lasts!) so nothing really sets in that requires scrubbing.


Against the majority advice I also painted the bathroom floor tiles two weeks ago - post on it's way!



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Re: Painted bathroom tiles before and after

Hi @EricL  


Six months on and these painted bathroom tiles still look great!  Highly recommend this to anyone.  I also painted my floor tiles (awful 5cm x 5cm brown things) in Dulux Renovation Range grey and they are also holding up perfectly.


I will say there are no kids in my place and both bathrooms that were painted are off bedrooms/carpet so they do'n't have shoes in them very often.

Having an Impact

Re: Painted bathroom tiles before and after

Hi Everyone,


12 months down and my painted bathroom tiles are still looking great on the walls AND floors, no chips at all.




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