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Painting aluminium shower frames

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Painting aluminium shower frames



I've dismantled my framed shower which is green in colour and most lengths look to be powder coated but a few are possibly painted?


Will I need to use an etch primer before I spray it with dulux epoxy ennamel?

Everywhere I look it says not to use an etch primer if the surface is already painted but unsure if powder coating is considered a paint? So I'm unsure whether to use the primer first or if it'll make any difference?

Should I sand down the aluminium a bit until it's dull then apply primer?


As you can see a few lengths have scratching on them like on the left which have a different finish to them like they're painted but majority are in the same condition as the one on the right And look to be powder coated i think


Anyone have any ideas? 




Re: Painting aluminium shower frames

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @perripops. It's fantastic to have you join us. Thanks for joining in the discussion and sharing these photos . I'm sure someone in the community will have some experience with this kind of project and be able to share their wisdom.


@MitchellMc will be back online on Friday and full of plenty of helpful information and advice. Any thoughts @redracer01?


We are looking forward to reading more about your projects and plans. Please don't hesitate to post anytime you have something to share with the community or need a hand with a project around the house and garden. We have clever and creative members like yourself sharing advice and inspiration on the site every day.




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Painting aluminium shower fram

Hi @perripops,


You'll find a variety of information within the community about painting aluminium window frames. This is much the same situation. Your issue is that you have exposed aluminium and paint to deal with. If it was just painted, you would be correct that an etch primer is not needed. As you have mentioned, if you sand the paint and aluminium to a dull surface, you could then use a standard topcoat. Id suggest Dulux Metalshield which is an epoxy paint and self-priming, so no need for an undercoat.


Aluminium needs the etch coat to roughen up the surface so the paint can stick to it, you're doing much the same thing by sanding first.


Please let me know if you have further questions or need assistance.




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