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Storage and pet needs in laundry and toilet

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Storage and pet needs in laundry and toilet

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Hello, wondering if we can have some ideas/input. We are making some changes to our 'wet rooms' which are all next to each other in our 1970's house. We are moving some walls (in green) to make a larger family bathroom and ensuite (changing small W.I.R to B.I.R the length of the of the bathroom).

With the laundry, with toilet currently separated with a thin wall which could be removed making one big room with toilet in it. 

As the builders are moving the walls and doing the bathrooms we thought we could use them if we need to move any walls in the laundry, but we'd fit it out ourselves from Bunnings.

Our needs/wants

  • floor to ceiling storage with space for ironing board, mop, vacuum etc
  • toilet
  • laundry tub and cabinet (we are thinking floating)
  • cat litter box space
  • washing machine
  • storage for cat and dog food so accessible a few times a day.
  • We'd like it to look spacious but with a combined space of 2.6 wide (including outside door on one wall with a door currently opposite this into hallway) and 2.1 deep it's going to be tricky.

We will be changing the outside door and window to opaque if we knock down the wall next to toilter.

Many thanks Brains Trust.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Storage and pet needs in laundry and toilet

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @squeeze72. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for sharing your project.


Was there anything in particular that our members could assist you with or were you looking for feedback on what you have suggested? If there was a slightly higher quality plan available that would be great or perhaps you could indicate which room is the laundry? I can vaguely make out the text for the bathroom. Some photos of the room might also give our members an idea of what you are working with.


There was a recent discussion on pets in laundries which you could find of interest: Laundry / pet room makeover by @orps. I'd also encourage you to check out our Top 10 most popular laundry renovation projects for inspiration.


Some articles on D.I.Y. laundry renovations include-







We look forward to hearing more about your laundry and toilet redesign project and how we can assist you in that process.




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