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Vanity renovation

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Vanity renovation


Vanity Renovation


The vanity project got delayed for years so I decided to pull it out of its wrappers and get it done before house falls down... kidding, but having a vanity is a must over cleaning your teeth using the bath taps.

First task was to prepare the walls and add additional cable for future LED mirror lights. This required chasing up the wall from the existing light housing and adding conduit for easy cable insertion. A slight deviation was required towards the top after checking the roof space and finding a major beam blocking the way. Then down again to end behind the mirror with a junction box. I decided to include an extra conduit to the vanity to allow for under cabinet lighting, as the cabinet is wall mounted this would enhance the floating affect.


Next I needed to plan out the waste outlet to determine where to bore cabinet holes and allow for easy setup and removal down the road if I change my mind.

After an initial dry run fit, the required holes for water supply and waste where drilled. I chose to mount three brackets below the cabinet rather than all six from the back which would cause less stress on the carcass and support the majority of the downward weight.


Fitting the tapware was reasonably straight forward with some symmetrical cutting of the copper pipe to see that the taps fit in the hole locations correctly once they are fitted with the spout centralised.

After the walls were painted the carcass was squared up in its final location for the mark out of anchoring bolts.


The holes were drilled (hammer drill and large masonry bit) and the anchor bolts were inserted into sleeves filled with epoxy anchoring adhesive, they provide the strongest and most stable fixing method if your walls are constructed using fastwall or hollow brickwork, you can find numerous “how to’s” online for this procedure. Search “Basic anchor installation training”


After mounting the carcass the required hardware was fitted, the vanity required 90° elbows to fit the mini tap stops to clear the carcass framework as well as providing clearance for the drawers.


The basin was glued down using silicone and waste outlets fitted. The last thing to do was fit the splash back, I chose a painted glass splash back with spectrum glitter which was the easiest to install.


Now I have a place to clean our teeth :wink:





















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