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Can you paint a bathroom floor?


With the correct preparation, primer, tile paint and clear protective coat, painting floor tiles is a viable option that can help rejuvenate the aged appearance of your bathroom. It's a great option to improve the look of dated tiles, especially if you are planning a complete renovation in the future. I'd recommend the Dulux Renovation range of tile paint.


You should find this step-by-step tutorial helpful: How to paint floor tiles. - MitchellMc.


I haven't painted floor tiles before so can't say for sure but I imagine the paint isn't going to hold up over time. I suggest looking at an epoxy coating instead - much harder wearing. Coating like this isn't the cheapest flooring option per sqm but for a small space it'd be fine. It comes in a pretty big range of colours and styles too. You should be looking at around $95/sqm. - ProjectPete


Every time I've ever seen floor tiles painted, they have scuffed fairly quickly. It’s not something I recommend. An alternative that will save money and is easy to DIY is to use wood look vinyl planks on the bathroom floor. They’re not suitable in the shower area - you can leave your existing tiles or replace tiles with a shower tray. - 2Belindas


Pull up the tiles and replace them. Even if you aren't confident enough to do it yourself, pay for a tiler. It's worth the expense. You can get some very affordable plain white floor tiles these days. - MartyH


I have spoken to many paint companies over the years and unfortunately no paint company that I know of supplies paint that paints on floor tiles. There are other ways to do it but in the majority of cases it voids the warranty of the paint companies. You would probably be better either putting tiles down or using an epoxy coating but must fill in grout lines with a floor filler which you can find in the floor accessory aisle in Bunnings stores. Tile paint is only to go on wall tiles. - kezza14


I have successfully painted toilet floor tiles. I can't stress enough how important the preparation is. Use the tile cleaner spray. Undercoat or prime with White Knight primer. To my knowledge currently the only paint that works on floor tiles is Rustoleum milk paint. There is a sealer, however I was not game to use this in case it made the flooring slippery. After my 2 coats of milk paint I was so happy with the result. To be honest, even if it does eventually chip it will still look better than brown 70's mosaic tiles. Drying time is ultra important. The longer you leave it the better. It seems to harden or something. I recommend painting the floor before you go away for a few days. - Hac


Painting horizontal surfaces isn’t the best long term solution. Vertical surfaces (cupboard doors and wall tiles) seem to get the best result. - Jesse1


I have never had any joy painting floor tiles. I have tried oil- and water-based paints all without success. I also gave the White Knight range a go. It performed the best of all but still failed under foot traffic. I would suggest perhaps you try a piece of vinyl flooring until you renovate completely. - ​​casper1


I don’t recommend it as the paint is only cosmetic and not made for rough use and walking on. I suggest lino if the budget is tight, there are some heavy duty ones that look good. Use Ardit floor leveler over your old tiles to give it that flat look and lay the lino over it when it’s dry. A cheap alternative but done right you could get away with it. Done wrong and you’ll be going to Kennards to hire a pneumatic hammer to chisel out your floor. - redracer01


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