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Can you paint kitchen cabinets?

KitchenReno.jpegI absolutely hated the timber look laminate and green tiled splashback in our house.

so using a few cans of the White Knight Renew, the hardwood utility panels and white subway tiles I now have a bright, fresh new kitchen.


I painted the doors while they were still hanging as I just don’t have the space to paint them while off. One coat of primer and 2 coats of the top coat. The paint recommends using a 4mm microfibre roller so that’s what I used, plus a brush for cutting in.


I really just followed all of the instructions on the can. Basically a really good clean with the White Knight Tile and Laminate cleaner and a good rinse with water. Then 1 coat of the primer. With the top coat laying off all in the one direction. Light sand in between coats as well. - NikkiMaree


A tip with your coats, apply them and then do not roll back over the surface trying to smooth them out. The paint will self-level, and there is no need to touch it again after applying. The biggest mistake people make is to reroll an area once the paint has begun to tack up. Instead of flattening it, the semi-dried paint gets picked up into peaks by the roller and creates a rough texture. If you ever see someone remark that their benchtop is rough after painting it, this is likely the cause. The same applies to cabinetry. - MitchellMc


I'm also a fan of White Knight laminate paint. I painted my ugly light grey kitchen cupboards white around three years ago and the paint is still looking great save for a couple of small chips. Highly recommend this paint, it wipes clean well.


I had planned to rip out and replace the whole kitchen this year but priorities have changed and after seeing your post I'm now thinking painting the tiles and replacing the benchtops and sinks might be the way to go instead. - Ari

Making a Splash

With the white knight products how long after opening the cans do you have to use it before it's not reusable? Can I do a couple of cupboards one week and the others the next?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @projectmumdani,


As long as you seal the can securely, White Knight's laminate paint can be safely stored and re-opened in a week's time to continue on your other cupboards. If you plan on keeping it for an extended period, like 6 months, it's best to transfer the contents into a smaller container with less air gap. 


Please let me know if you have further questions.




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