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How can evaporative cooling be more effective?


Evaporative coolers can be a cost-effective and energy-efficient way of lowering the temperature within your home, and their portability means they can be conveniently moved around to areas where they are needed most. They cool by adding humidity to the air, so they're particularly effective in locations that experience dry and arid conditions. I'd recommend the Arlec 8L Evaporative Cooler with Remote as its large water storage capacity, and ice packs will ensure extended cooling times. It also comes with a handy remote control to select from the three air movement modes. - MitchellMc


We have evaporative cooling through the whole house on both stories. It does a great job of keeping the lower level cool but it struggles with the second story. We have individual split systems in the 2nd story bedrooms and they work fantastically. - Dan


My mother-in-law has issues with her evaporative so she installed some splits. Fixes the problem but probably cheaper to install reverse cycle ducted by the time you do 2 or 3 splits. - ProjectPete


I over-specified my evaporative cooler when it was installed so on high speed (which I only rarely use on those very hot or humid days) I have a virtual tornado and it copes well in all Perth days. I would like a thermostat control to automatically turn it off at night when it becomes too cold.


You can also install security outlets that empty the air into the attic space so you don't have to leave windows open. More importantly to me it increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the system by keeping the air in roof space around the ducts and above the ceiling cool. For the security vents to work the air must also be able to escape from roof space. - aussiblue


If you don’t do it already, the trick is to only open the windows or doors in the area of the house you are using at that time. Also, evaporative coolers don’t cope with being turned on when the day is already hot. They are very efficient when used from early in the morning. - bkedm


My suggestion would be to upsize ductwork. It's a project well within any DIYers skillset, and the money saved doing it yourself can go towards higher R-rated ductwork, which is more efficient. Unless you specify thermally effective ductwork when consulting for a ducted system, installers will put in the cheapest stuff that they can get their hands on to boost profits. - Andy_Mann

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