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How do you choose the right paint colour?

ColourCube.pngI recommend getting a 1-metre square sheet of board and painting your sample colour onto it. You can then move this board around the house to see the colour's appearance under different conditions.


One of the best visual representations of a colour looking different is this colour cube. The brown square on the top is the same colour as the orange square on the side. I've sampled the colours and placed them off the cube to illustrate that they are actually the same colour. The visual illusion is due to the lighting, background and surrounding colours. It's a great illustration of why sampling colours is important. - MitchellMc


Speak to a Dulux Colour Consultant. You can book them through Bunnings. - KingStreetReno


I have had issues with greys looking like they have a purple tinge amongst other things. But Lexicon Quarter is spot on. The type of light definitely has a big impact. - ProjectPete


Cooler whites tend to suit more modern or contemporary spaces which have plenty of natural light, whereas the creams or yellowish whites often lend themselves more to traditional properties that might have smaller windows and less natural light. Dulux Lexicon Quarter is one of the whitest whites around. - RenoQueen


My walls turned almost baby blue when we first painted our rooms. My partner almost had a heart attack! I realised the older grey/blue carpet was reflecting and throwing off the wall color. Once we ripped up the carpet and polished the floor boards it looked closer to what we expected. - RufioXC


Factors such as light entering the room, the time of day, the colour of the floor and sometimes even the furnishings cast a tonal shade to the paint on the wall that you've chosen.


There is a quick and affordable way to find out what that colour will look like in your room without blowing the budget. A paint sample test pot is what you need. Sometimes in our mad rush to see the project finished and done we bypass these handy steps that are there to prevent you from making a forced and hurried decision.


I often suggest to paint customers to take a minimum of two sample pots with different colours. Paint a minimum half meter square close to the window with at least two coats. Observe the colour at different times of the day from morning, noon and night. You will see that it actually changes hue and character during the day. The lights we use in the room also change the nature of the colour from washed out using a cool to daylight LED to a warm yellow casting light that enhances colour.


Nothing is more disappointing and annoying having chosen a colour that absolutely does not suit the room. Imagine the number of "if only's" that could have been avoided. Take your time, use the tools available to get a colour test pot, and rest in the knowledge that while "lime green mocha" looked fantastic at the shop display, it does not look good in your home. - redracer01

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