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How do you clean grout?

TileGroutSealer.jpgUsing bleach can be a smelly process, but it is one of the best ways of killing mould and its spores. I'd suggest after a thorough cleaning for you to seal the grout with Davco 500ml Sanitized Tile And Grout Sealer. The mould is hard to remove because it grows deep into the pores on the cement-based grout, and no matter how much you scrub, it won't come out easily. The sealer fills these pores so the mould can't enter them.


You should also find this step-by-step guide useful: How to seal grout.


Wear a respirator to prevent inhalation of fumes, but the key is to have the room well ventilated, so open some windows and put a fan on in there to circulate air.


Some materials you'll need:



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With light sandpaper and gently

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This is very informative thank you so much for sharing . We are building this year & this is certainly something I need to do . 

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Bunnings Team Member

Hi @LorenaDIYS


Just remember to give the grout enough time to fully dry out and cure before applying the sealer. Applying it too soon will trap the moisture inside and you'll get mould stains on the grout.


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Hi @LorenaDIYS I'd suggest a much healthier and cheaper (also proven) method to clean grout is white vinegar! You do need to dilute it given the very strong acidity levels. I'm no expert but for more information on using white vinegar to clean grout check out this link:

If you want tips on all the ways vinegar can be used to clean throughout your home check out this link:


Sorry Bunnings this might reduce the cleaning product sales! 🤭

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Bunnings Team Member

Hello @clarehoo


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's a pleasure to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your ideas on how to clean grout.


I agree vinegar is an excellent cleaning product, it's so strong that it even removes rust stains on vinyl. If you're wondering does Bunnings have cleaning vinegar? The answer is yes, you'll find it in the cleaning aisle and comes in a 2-litre bottle. 




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Sparkling fresh grout lines can make a huge difference to your bathroom or kitchen.


Readers of this popular article may also like to check out the Bunnings guide How to clean tile grout for step-by-step instructions.


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