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How to build a Besser block bench seat

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Difficulty: Beginner

Besser blocks are a versatile building material that look terrific. They can be great for affordable D.I.Y. furniture designs.


This Besser block outdoor bench is an easy project that can be completed in an afternoon with just a few materials.


Many thanks to experienced Workshop member @sandy_d for the inspiration for this very popular project and for supplying images of her process.


Step 1

Use a wide paintbrush to paint the Besser blocks. Using your construction adhesive, secure three blocks on top of each other in a horizontal position. Expose only the holes in the top block. Repeat this to create four separate sets of three blocks. Use cement filler to fill the gap between blocks.


Step 1.png

Step 2

Sand the timber well for a smooth finish and apply varnish.


Step 2.png

Step 3

Move the blocks to their final position. Use your construction adhesive to glue two sets together for one side of the bench and repeat for the other side. Glue a single block in a vertical position on top of the back set on both sides for the backrest.


Step 3.png

Step 4

Insert the timber pieces into the slots of the Besser blocks. Add cushions to style your outdoor bench.


Step 4.1.png  Step 4.2.png



  • 390mm x 190mm x 190mm Besser blocks x 14

  • 100mm x 100mm sawn Pine posts x 6

  • 1L timber varnish

  • 1L exterior paint

  • Construction adhesive, such as Selleys Liquid Nails.


  • Orbital sander with 80-grit sander sheets

  • Tape measure

  • 50mm paintbrush.



Step 1.png  Step 2.png  Step 3.png  Step 4.1.png  Step 4.2.png


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