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How do you clean stone pavers?

PressureWasher.jpgTo clean stone, I suggest using 30 Seconds 5L Outdoor Cleaner Concentrate in combination with an Oates Long Handle Deck Scrub Brush or similar. If you have a soft surface such as limestone, I recommend to use only your garden hose to wash off as a pressure washer could damage the surface of the stone. - EricL


Hot sun then a good rain does wonders for my pavers. Pressure washers would do it too, just don't get too close with it. Avoid chlorine if you are trying for a garden as well and acid is your last resort. - Brad


I had hoped that all I would need to do was hose down our sandblasted granite pavers but the grout is attracting some dirt, particularly as our garden isn't established yet. I think I need to invest in a pressure washer.


We recently used baking soda to get a stain off our sandblasted granite paving. It worked reasonably well. Just leave on for a few hours and then hose off. I believe that the quicker you get onto it the better your results will be. - Jason


I've noticed our new natural stone pavers have some stains on them. I presume it is the oil from guests applying sunscreen near the pool. I've tried blasting with the pressure hose but it didn't have much of an effect. We're also finding the grout gets a little grubby and the pressure washer alone isn't doing the job. I'm wary about using any chemicals for fear of ruining the stone. I am starting to think we made a mistake when the paver advised not to seal the stone. The paver suggested that it wasn't necessary, in fact that it was detrimental as the stone would have a permanent "wet-look". - Joker


Just wondering what the PSI rating is of your pressure cleaner that you're using? I find the more powerful works better on grout or other stone work, cement, general cleaning. I think my Gernie is around 1700psi? And it works fairly well. - Robessa


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