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How do you improve clay soil?

ClaySoil.jpegStart by mixing in some Richgro 15kg Natural Gypsum Clay Breaker or applying Multicrop 2.8L Groundbreaker Hose-On Soil Treatment And Clay Breaker. You can reduce the soil's current PH to around 6 - 6.5 with Manutec 1.5kg Sulphur Fine Granules. Compost will also assist in improving the soil.


If the soil is really rubbish or there is a solid clay layer, you might look to replace it. For getting one tree started, I'd recommend concentrating on a 60 x 60cm section and working more on the depth. If you can dig out to around 60cm deep, that would give the plant plenty of room to establish roots. Scotts Osmocote 25L Garden Soil Premium Planting Mix would be a good replacement mix, but I'd still encourage you to mix in some compost. - MitchellMc

You will want to buy bags of gypsum to help break down your clay soil. There is also a product that you can spray on but the powder is more effective. - greygardener

In addition to gypsum, you can try using mushroom compost, blood and bone, complete fertiliser, chicken and sheep manure and dolomite to build up layers and improve the soil. - Isobel

As a self-employed gardener I recommend: Richgro All Purpose Garden Soil Mix. It contains soil wetter & gypsum which will aid with breaking up the clay etc. - dj0003

I'm thinking of using compost, seasol with conditioners & water savers. - jeanette01

I lived in SE Qld for many years and had this garden problem. The answer is gypsum, good compost, and elbow grease. And plenty of all three! - Trying


Making a Splash

People on the land have been doing this for quite a long time , great work on sharing this very useful tip.

Thank you

Building a Reputation

All good ideas-but not practical when you are looking at a 'longish' frontage of 30 meters, and a similar area out the back. My solution-blow it all up. Noooo..... Seriously I've done most of what has been suggested, but there has to come a time, when enough is enough. And I've put down more sugar cane mulch than was ever harvested from Queensland....Just live with it. And find other means of having beautiful flowers. POTS AND MORE POTS.  With the best quality planting soil.  No matter what the gardening pundits say, once you have a sh........y/clay soil, don't struggle against it, just find any other means you can to have a beautiful garden. After all, pots are much easier to look after, and if you are crazy enough, and have a decent trolley (not husband) then you can shift them around from here to there (unlike husbands). from 'The Garden Slave' (not no more)

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Catnipmanor1234


Since your clay soil is not cooperating. Have you ever thought about building a raised garden bed? Using several beds or a large, interconnected bed will at least let you use the large area that you have. Plus, with a raised garden bed, you won't have to keep moving your plants around.


Here are some handy links: 



If you ever decide to build one, please let us know. We'll be more than happy to provide advice and information.




Finding My Feet

Thank you for the great advice. It should have all be done right in the first place then we wouldn't have the problem now

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