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How do you paint over dark walls?

Paint.jpgUsing a specially formulated undercoat like Zinsser CoverStain, designed for covering dark colours, will prevent excessive coats of standard primers or topcoats. Apply as many coats of undercoat as necessary to cover the dark colour before moving onto your topcoat paint. Two coats of a specialised undercoat could save you doing as many as five coats of regular paint. - MitchellMc


I recently started repainting my new house white. I had to cover some darkish walls, a very vibrant green and I have 1 darkish blue wall to go.


I simply lightly sanded and cleaned the walls and started painting - nothing secret here. Then I did as many coats as necessary til the walls were white enough. The most coats I've had to do so far was on the vibrant green wall - 5 coats.


I guess the most important thing is that you use quality paint (Dulux) and rollers (Monarch Razorback are great). Also just have a chat to the paint peeps at Bunnings and let them know what you're doing because the tint in some whites can make the job a little easier. - ProjectPete


There are now paint products on the market that are specifically for covering dark walls. I would speak to a specialist at your local paint store before wasting days with multiple coats! Dulux definitely do one called Wash & Wear + Super Hide. - KingStreetReno

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