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How do you paint rusted metal door frames?

RustedDoorFrame.jpegI would suggest first checking for rust bubbles along the frame of the door. These will usually have slightly raised oval indentations on the body of the steel door frame. I recommend using a hammer and lightly tapping any bubbles you see along the frame of the door. These areas will need extra sanding to make sure that the rust is thoroughly removed.


If you are not keen on manually sanding the surface, I suggest investing in an electrical sander such as the Ozito 200W Multi Sander Kit. This has 3 interchangeable bases that will allow you to do large flat surfaces and detail work. It comes with a standard packet of sanding sheets that will allow you to tackle sanding jobs easily. I recommend using 240grit sandpaper to get a textured surface for the primer to get a grip on.


If the rust has created a hole, I suggest sanding down the rust spot edges as best you can and clean the area of debris. I then recommend using Turbo 500ml Metal Builders Bog to fill the hole. My number one tip when using this product is not to use too much activator. Excessive use of the activator will accelerate the curing time of the bog and will prevent you from shaping and flattening the surface.


It is obviously up to you whether to sand the paint off to reveal the hinges. However, if the paint has overhardened due to age it might not be worth taking off as it might peel off more of the paint on the body of the door causing more repair work. Using WD40 should be ideal to keep the hinges properly lubricated.


Once the frame has been properly sanded, your next step is to clean the painting surface down with Sugar Soap. Wipe the frame down with a clean rag and fresh water to remove any residual Sugar Soap and let it dry off.


I then recommend using Dulux Precision primer, and once that has cured according to instructions, a water-based enamel topcoat in your choice of colour. The Precision primer is a specialty product designed for hard to paint surfaces and is ideal for a metal door frame.


Two coats are always recommended when applying the topcoat. Aside from the extra protection, it gives you a uniform finish on the surface. Using semi-gloss is OK as it repels dust and dirt better than a full gloss paint. - EricL

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