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How do you remove mould from the bathroom?

MouldOff.pngI used to tell my customers that nothing works except for lots of elbow grease. I went to the Bunnings Expo and these clowns were flogging 30 Second Mould Off. I went over to their stand and laughed at them. I told them that nothing will remove mould without hard scrubbing even then you wouldn't get it all. I challenged them to give me a sample because I wouldn't waste my money on something I already knew wouldn't work. They reluctantly gave me a bottle and said read the instructions. So 30 Seconds is a name not a description - it takes 30 seconds to apply, but you leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. If it has been there for a long time, the mould, then you may have to give it a couple of goes, but guess what? It works! It really does. 


DIY articles tend to aim for home remedies for problems and vinegar, Tea tree, eucalyptus oils are all very good. Sometimes hard scrubbing is required. Mould is deadly and needs to be treated. I found that the 30 Second Mould remover did the job. It kills and cures the mould, is easy to apply and just rinses off. - PJA


I dug up our not-used-in-years steam cleaner, a Karcher Vaporapid 1501 to re-evaluate its performance. To my delight it's worked a charm. It's not WHAM BAM TV special fast, but what I have done is completely mould free. I'm confident that it'll be spotless when I'm done, health hazard free, and all I've used is some electricity (on solar anyway) and a couple of litres of tap water.


Bunnings sell steam cleaners, so chat with the friendly staff & see what's best for you. The choice is yours, pay for caustic / acidic cocktails for the rest of your lives or opt for a one-off investment in your family health. - Andy_Mann


I still swear by the CLR Kitchen and Bathroom cleaner.  Stinks a treat but so easy to use. - darylhewston


I tried 30 Seconds Mould Off the other day and it has changed my life as far as cleaning the bathroom goes. This product worked better and quicker than any other anti-mould product I have ever tried. I am now in the process of getting rid of all the useless products that have gathered in the laundry cupboard. I fully recommend 30 Seconds Mould Off and will be telling friends and family about this fabulous product. - Annette


This article suggests bleach doesn't get rid of mould, it only lightens the colour so you can't see it, and its certain to grow back. It suggests using a vinegar solution or rubbing alcohol. - Isobel


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