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How do you remove rust from a security door?

RustedSecurityDoor.jpegTo give you the best chance of halting rust progression on a security door, I'd recommend preparing the surface and repainting it.


It would be best if you started using a Josco Scratch Brush by hand or a Craftright 5 Piece Wire Brush Set in a drill to remove any excess rust from the surface. Unlike the sandpaper, the wire brush will allow you to get into the screen's textured surface.


Once you have given the screen a good scrubbing, brush the remaining rusty dust off it. You don't need to remove all signs of rust, just anything loose on the surface.


You can then apply White Knight Rust Guard Rust Converter to treat the rust and prepare the surface by creating a lasting barrier against further corrosion.


Now that the surface is prepared, spray White Knight 300g White Rust Guard All Purpose Primer over the screen. Once it dries, you'll follow it up with White Knight Rust Guard 310g Gloss White Epoxy Enamel Spray Paint or an equivalent colour to suit your door.


It might be worth spraying the door frame as well. That way, you'll have a screen door that looks brand new. - MitchellMc


If you wish to adjust the colour of your security door to another shade as part of this process, I suggest the following steps:


  • Remove the cover plate of your door handle and bring it to the store for a paint colour match



Following the recommended steps and using the White Knight Rust Guard 400g Grey SLS Etch Primer Spray Paint before painting is advised. Achieving the same colour in a spray can form is difficult as the paint on your door has been weathered and is no longer its original shade. I suggest using the Ozito Spray Gun to repaint your entire door assembly.


I have attached a video below showing how to use a paint sprayer. - EricL



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