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How do you stop birds nesting under solar panels?

To stop birds nesting, we use bird spikes on our transformers and associated cables.


Check out the Jack 250 x 110 x 70mm Stainless Steel Pest Control Bird Spike.


If birds can't land, they can't roost, because their wings won't close when they land. All you need is a pack of cable ties and possibly some supports for the spikes. - MikeTNZ

May void panel warrantyMay void panel warrantyEasiest solution is to ask solar installer what preventative measures they can install at the same time your panels are installed. 


Failing that, I am thinking black wire mesh under the panel edges.


Mounting would depend on the solar installation frame work. 


Use short screws to avoid damage to internal components.  Colorbond self-drill fence screws may lend themselves to the task. - Jewelleryrescue

I like Jewelleryrescue's suggestion and the idea I had in my mind was almost the same. I was going to suggest making a roll up of that sized plastic mesh and then wedge it under the edge of the solar panels, That way nothing is drilled and the springyness of the mesh will stop it blowing out from underneath the edge. - Dave-1

Dave-1: Just a word of caution that anything touching the underside of the panel that has the potential to move and cause wear or scratch could cause damage to the panel itself or the individual cells. I would potentially look at cable tie panel mount and use a dab of silicon that way it shouldn't come off the face off the edge of the panel. Make sure to use white UV stabilised.


If you care about the longevity of your panels and systems then:


  • Do not place anything that will press against the underside of the panels


  • Do not close off airflow from under the panels this will effect power output and also potential hotspots or fire.


Panels are fragile, they need airflow as they get extremely hot and they are producing electricity. If in doubt contact the panel manufacturer for advice, don't risk your investment or worse your house. - CSParnell

I agree that your first port of call should be your solar installer. They often have custom bird mesh purpose built for these kinds of situations. Drilling into the panels should be avoided if possible as you don't want to damage any of the components inside.


However, if the installer has no mesh available, I suggest having a look at Jack 90cm x 30m 25 x 25mm Cage Mesh. It has a 25mm gap between wires and can be easily formed and cut with side cutters.


If you do decide to install this on your own, I suggest speaking to the solar installer first to get their advice on the best way to attach it. Ensure you only drill into the skirt of the panel. Please also ensure you also take all safety precautions necessary when working at height. - EricL

Building a Reputation

Regarding birds nesting under solar panels. I find the recommendation of spikes, cruel and abhorrent. Surely there must be another way, other than spikes. I have in the past, gotten metal images of hawks, etc. and put where the birds were pooping on my clothes on the clothes line. Worked a treat. And not cruel. Thank you.

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