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How do you stop condensation on a patio roof?

PatioRoof.jpegThe moisture that drips from the underside of a steel patio roof can typically be attributed to condensation. Condensation occurs when warm, moisture-laden air comes into contact with a colder surface, prompting the air to release its moisture in the form of visible water droplets. 


Depending on the roof structure, a few different approaches can be employed to obstruct moisture-laden air from reaching the cold roof sheeting.


One effective strategy is the installation of insulation panels beneath your patio roof. This type of insulation is handy when there is a limited roof structure, as adhesive can be used to fix them to the underside of the sheeting. Additionally, integrating sarking can prevent moist air from direct contact with the cold roof surface. Sealing any potential gaps or openings is essential to prevent warm, humid air from encountering the cold sheeting. This approach ensures a controlled environment that significantly reduces the occurrence of condensation-related issues.


To complete the look, Aquacheck plasterboard can be then be used to encapsulate the insulation panels and provide a paintable and aesthetically pleasing roof sheeting for you alfresco area. - MitchellMc

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