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How do you store herbs and spices?

KitchenHerbs.jpgI love drawers. Much better use of space than shelves. - Isobel


I've found the best way is to use racks so you can stack on top of each other. - ProjectPete


We have a medium sized kitchen, however this spice rack can pretty much fit into any kitchen pantry if there is enough space.


I measured the door to find the maximum size of the rack I could mount onto the door comfortably. I had the design in my head and proceeded to build it from that.


I fitted it all together with screws, pre-drilling the holes before fitting screws. After completing the rack I then disassembled it and stained each piece of timber individually and reassembled it. I then gave it a coat of clear lacquer and fitted it to the door. - ralph


We still haven't yet gotten around to sorting out the spices. But we have decided on making some nice shelving to sit on out in the open. Going for some larger shelves so we can have bigger jars/containers for spices as opposed to your supermarket tiny glass containers. Plus I feel it looks neater on display with some simple jam jar style containers and black labels. - Andadams


I grabbed some simple flat pack spice racks that are designed to be fixed to pantry doors. Instead I got some ply pre-cut at Bunnings and screwed the racks into the ply board so they'd be tiered three high. I haven't fixed the two boards together but simply placed them in the corner of our kitchen bench. Whilst not the most aesthetically pleasing herb rack, it's perfect for storing all of our herbs and makes them very portable. All up this project was rather easy and cost effective - very happy! - aly


Maximise the gap next to your fridge with this clever storage solution. I got the idea to use the space next to my fridge in this way from small cabinets that pull out in spaces that are otherwise unusable. This storage solution is really handy and tucks away seamlessly when not in use.


There are no wheels at the bottom. Four runners are connected between the thicker slats and the end panel of the kitchen to hold the frame of the unit upright. - DIYology


You can build your own slimline spice rack to maximise unused space next to your fridge by following this step-by-step guide with a full list of tools and materials: How to build a slimline spice rack.


Workshop member keithT created his own pull out spice rack and decided not to glue the dowel rails so they are able to flex for any bottles that are slightly wider than the space.


Workshop member Pasan created a similar spice rack and has found it very useful.


Workshop member jessica_roesel followed the step-by-step instructions to create her own spice rack and had fun building it herself.


Workshop member Prof built a similar pull out storage spice rack on wheels. - StevieB

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