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How do you use a pressure washer?


In addition to your pressure washer, you'll need a standard garden hose. It will include all the connections for the tap and machine. 


Screw the included universal tap connector onto your tap, allowing you to click your hose on. The universal connector fits two different-sized taps, so if it doesn't immediately screw onto your tap, remove the smaller insert to reveal the larger size screw.


Once your hose is connected to the tap, turn it on and run water through the hose, then turn it off.


Next, click the other end of the hose onto the machine's inlet port. Turn the water on at the tap and wait a few seconds. Also ensure the high-pressure hose is connected securely to the front of the machine and has the spray gun and lance attached.


Turn your powerpoint on that the pressure washer (or extension cord) is plugged into. With the machine itself still switched off, hold the spray gun's trigger until you see water coming out of the tip. The machine is now primed. You now can release the trigger and turn the unit's power switch on. This will engage the motor, and you will be able to begin spraying. - MitchellMc

Kind of a Big Deal

"You now can release the trigger and turn the unit's power switch on."


I'm sure that every pressure washer these days has a pressure activated system whereby once the trigger is released - the motor stops.

But this was not always the case...


Here's one I bought - from circa 2005. Warning labels everywhere and the instruction manual even declared the warranty would be voided if you released the trigger while the motor was still running.

Sure enough - I accidentally destroyed it before the week was out. Twas $109 'down the drain.'



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