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Should the toilet have its own room?

Toilet.jpgMost Workshop community members believe the toilet should have its own room. Our Bunnings Workshop poll found 71% of respondents said the toilet should have its own room in the house. - Jason


Toilet should always be separate. But one thing I noticed when looking at house plans for inspiration when designing mine is that a lot of Sydney-based builders put the toilet in the open ensuite whereas Perth has it in its own room 99% of the time. - ProjectPete


I would prefer to have more space in the bathroom than have them separate and cramped. - RenoQueen


Keep them seperate if you possibly can for everyone's benefit. And put a basin in so people can wash their hands. - Mick


Would much prefer a separate toilet and an added bonus is having a sink in there too. I wouldn't count this as a critical house factor though, more a 'nice to have' thing. It's a lot better hygienically. - aly


I can only think of one house I know of that has the toilet in the main bathroom, but it's a two storey house, with a third toilet off the main family room downstairs. I like looking at house plans, and I can't recall seeing one without a separate toilet? - Yonnee


Separate is the ideal, but not always possible. I'd rather have a spacious bathroom with a toilet than have two separate cramped rooms. - Joker


It was and still is my pet hate in bathroom design. Number one reason is it is unhygienic. Many tests were done and all of them showed traces of faecal particles all over the place even on toothbrushes! Second, once the room is occupied that is it, no brushing teeth or having shower or even just washing your hands. - Kutil

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