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What are your best painting tips?

Paint.jpgYou can always pick up a sample pot of a few colours in store to see which one you like. The full range of Dulux colours is available online at their Colour Wall. Please remember that your screens' colour calibration will affect the result, and a hard copy of the Colour Atlas is available at our stores. - MitchellMc


Wrap paint brushes in cling wrap between coats to stop them drying out rather than washing your brushes in water. - Kermit


Just tap the brush gently against the side of the paint can. I see a lot of people wiping the brush against the lip which takes all the paint off. And when you dip the brush into the paint just cover half of the bristles. - RenoQueen


Don't go cheap on paint and equipment like rollers. A great quality roller makes a world of difference with the final finish and makes your paint go a bit further too.


When painting entire walls, roll from top to bottom in full length rather than doing the top half of the wall then coming back to do the bottom half. This avoids the darker/thicker paint through the middle of the wall. - ProjectPete


Use a spray gun for outdoor projects like fences. I recently bought the Dulux Rapid Spray Paint Sprayer for $99. It will save you HOURS of time and lots of paint. - KingStreetReno


Make sure you sand your walls before you paint. It will help ensure a nice smooth surface, getting rid of all the bumps and flaky paint from previous paint jobs. Use a pole sander to save time instead of a sanding block. - Joker


I always use a black garbage bag to wrap the paint roller tray, tape it up so it fits well. Then when you are finished you can just throw the plastic bag away and don't have to spend hours cleaning the paint tray. - _Marley_


Also if you put your wiped brush in a freezer bag and wrap it very tightly and then put it in the fridge, it will keep like that for weeks. - Prof


Take advantage of the colour matching service available in all Bunnings stores. You simply need to take a sample of the colour into the store and the team can attempt a colour match for you. The sample just needs to be at least the size of a five-cent coin. - Jason


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