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What keyless locks would you recommend?


Digital keyless locks that come with both fingerprint access and a keypad option provide the best of both worlds. If a member of your family ever forgets the code, they can still access the door, and giving access to friends, guests, or tradies is also super simple.


I recommend the Lockly Satin Nickel Latch Secure Plus Smart Lock With 3D Fingerprint scan as it is a simple D.I.Y. installation. It features a hack-proof digital keypad, allows you to send access codes with time-specific expiration, and you can remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere with the mobile app. If you'd like the addition of seeing who's at your front door, the Lockly Vision Matte Black Deadbolt With Video Doorbell Smart Lock live streams high-resolution video straight to your smartphone. - MitchellMc


These look nifty - I like the idea of the push/pull handle, especially being able to open the door when your hands are full. Our neighbour recently installed a different Samsung model and is happy with it. - MartyH


I have a couple of Whitco Digital Leversets installed - I've been very happy with them. 

However we've changed a lot of the door hardware throughout the house and the black hardware doesn't quite suit the rest of the house so I'm starting to take a look at Yale Assure Locks that are coming to market here in Australia soon. 


The Whitco handles I currently have installed have a key override - you can slide the face plate off the handle and there is a standard lock hiding there. The Assure Lock which I'm thinking of getting forgoes the need for a backup keyed lock by having a terminal below the lock with a 9V contact point so if you ever get truly locked out you just keep a 9V battery in your car and you can power up the lock again. - maknilsin


I prefer the handle too.  This works in tandem with whatever handle you like. It’s just a smart deadbolt - keypad, control from smartphone, etc. Def want to have a key override.


I decided to go for the Igloohome S2 based on some great reviews and a beautiful, sleek aesthetic. I'll be pairing it with new black hardware on my double entry, timber frame doors. - ProjectPete


We installed the Lockwood Code Handle Left Handed Keyless Lockset about 4 months ago. Absolutely love it. Not obvious that it's a code handle which makes me feel a bit better. It's so tiny that there's no way any passing neighbour could see what I put in. Thought about going for a big display but then thought its much harder to hide the code combination.


Another thing I like about this one; the fact that you can set a master code and about 3 different codes for family/friends/guests which can easily be reprogrammed when they leave. - domo


I have one on my front door, 3 years now, it works very well. Mine is hooked up to the internet so i can let some one in if I'm not home. I change the batteries every Christmas. I will get another for my security cabinet. - Dennis


I am looking at the Danalock V3 Euro as it will fit the screen doors. Think I have to wait for the bridge to be available here for it to be Google/Nest compatible and the system is not cheap at over 1200 for four locks not counting the bridge. - Brad

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