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What lawn mower do you recommend?

VictaMower.jpg I just got a Victa battery-powered mower. No more mixing petrol and oil, no more fumes and no more struggling to start it.


The grass was a little wet from recent rain the first time I used it and it coped with no problems so it certainly seems powerful enough for my needs.


Battery is quick to recharge and lasted for enough time to thoroughly mow the lawn and nature strip. Very happy with it. Don't think I could ever go back to petrol now.


The only downside is that the cutting width isn't as wide as my previous mower but as it’s much lighter and easier to push I think it was probably quicker than my old mower anyway.  - greygardener

I also only recently bought my first lawn mower and I have to recommend a cordless battery powered mower. It may not have the same guts as a 4-stroke mower but the convenience of no cords and no petrol is a winner.


I only have a very small area of grass so I was happy with the Ozito - you may be happy with that but you can also get a Victa or Ryobi cordless mower as well. - stupidfish

I recently bought an electric lawn mower from Bunnings. I purchased the Ozito 1400W - and I am happy with the purchase. I no longer need to worry about having petrol on hand, or the hassle of the pull start. I just need to remember to keep the extension cord out of the way! - Deanna

I see plenty of manufacturers are now selling electric mowers with the same interchangeable Lithium battery pack as other tools. This seems like a convenient and smart option. I still have a two-stroke that's about 10 years old but I do like the idea of ditching the petrol mower. It’s messy and can be a little inconvenient having to get petrol in a jerry can, mix it with oil, etc. It is also starting to blow a lot of smoke. I bought a two-stroke because I had heard they were a little easier to maintain in that you don't need to have separate oil and fuel top-ups. - Kermit

I wouldn't recommend getting one if it's the only battery-powered tool you're going to own, because you'll spend half your time waiting for batteries to charge before you can finish the job. I'd only go the battery option if you're planning on buying a few different tools with batteries to share between them. That way, you're always using one battery while you charge another.


If you do decide to go down the battery path, there are a few manufacturers offering the 'one battery for all your tools' type range so I'd shop around and see which one suits your needs the most. - Jackson

I purchased a Ryobi 36V battery mower from Bunnings, the best thing ever. I just love it. It works hard, no “pussyfooting around". I love that I can mow my lawn myself. I don't have the strength anymore to pull start things! - Helen

I started off with a 4-stroke rotary mower two years ago that ran off normal petrol and also a Bunnings manual push lawn cutter with a bag. After a while I decided to test run a battery rotary and did the same job. The battery charges on electricity and no power cords down side just not much guts and less run time where petrol more guts and longer run time and the manual push cutter depends on your fitness.


I eventually borrowed a cylinder mower (look up in Google for description) and got a nice cut that was more even like a bowling green. All comes down to how much you wanna spend and how much pride you wanna take. Higher end will be the cylinder mower followed by battery then petrol then the manual push. - Dark

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I love my push reel mower. If you’ve got a big lawn I would not recommend it as it will take you a long time to mow it. If your lawn is uneven ground I would not recommend one either. So easy to use, height adjustable and easy to adjust cutting blades as well. I do not use a catcher as I think they are useless and I just leave cut grass to mulch back into lawn. The wheel gear mechanism is plastic and can wear down but parts are available online for around $12. I just replaced mine after having mower for 4 years. Highly recommend if you are wanting a pristine lawn. 


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

You'll have to show us some images next time you mow @bect73. I started with a manual push reel mower, and I must say I do enjoy using them on smaller lawns. The finish you get from the cutting action of the blades far surpasses that of a petrol mower.




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When my folks moved to an apartment they gave us their E-Go mower. Seriously the best mower I’ve ever had.


It’s about the same power as the Victor.


We've got about an 800sqm section and a good chunk of it is lawn.


On a good day we can mow our entire lawn plus the berm on a single charge, although that’s getting less as the battery ages.


There's one section of lawn that gets real thick when the lawn grows and I’ve had it stall a 5hp petrol mower. It even stalled the 1500w Ozito corded mower we had. But the E-Go never even blinked.


Ours also has the mulcher attachment. I haven’t used a catcher in years.


Its a 47cm cut so is a decent size.

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Hi Guys,


I have a lot of ozito PXC range of tools and I would "NEVER" look back!. I would purchase a 36v Ozito mower first as this appears to be one of the only tools that you can not buy as a skin only. I already have 4 of 4ah batteries and two fast chargers, I don't need six of 4ah batteries and extra chargers.


I truly believe that this is a problem that Ozito should rectify, I ended up purchasing a real mower first for the cut width which did not have enough cutting heights. The jump between cutting heights is to great a jump.


I thought I'd fix this problem and i purchased an 18v skin only mower but the cutting width is quite narrow but I've learned to live with it and the same issue with the cutting height's. My idea here is to wrap a length of 6mm rubber using silicon/contact cement or adhesive of some sort to attach then cut a motor cycle tire tube the with of the wheels and strech it over the top, it will increase the bottom two cutting height's by about 6-7mm.  David23

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @David8 


Thanks for sharing your observations on the Ozito mower. I have the Ozito PXC 18V 300mm Brushless Lawn Mower 4.0Ah Kit PXCLMK-1418. It's actually very handy for small areas that need mowing. I agree that its cutting width is a bit narrow, but I've gotten use to it as well. 


I usually mow twice a week weather permitting so this keeps my grass nice and low. This saves me from battling with tall overgrown lawns. 


Just a friendly reminder that modifying your Ozito tools and mowers will void your warranty and could cause injury to yourself and others. 




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