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What plants are suitable for a hedge?

Hedge.jpegAs long as you are very patient, then I would suggest a Camelia Sasanqua. They are beautiful.


For something faster growing, look at Murrayas. They are very easy to grow, will typically reach a height of a couple of metres, are easy to prune into shape, have lovely green folliage and creamy white flowers in sping and summer with a lovely orange fragrance.


Camellias are hardy and grow well pretty much anywhere in Australia. They certainly do well in Melbourne and have a really long flowering season. They don't mind a bit of frost. In summer you need to give them some water but they aren't too thirsty. Most of the hedging varieties don't mind full sun even in the middle of summer, although you should get a bit of shade from your house. - greygardener


Depending on the colour of your house then you might want to consider a photinia for its striking fiery red leaves. The flowers aren't very attractive but they're very tough and easy to grow. They are popular in my area. - Isobel


Pittosporum's are also a good alternative. They are pretty hardy and can tolerate a lack of attention. They come in a range of different shades of green. Depending on the variety that you get, they can grow relatively quickly. Once established and at the height and shape that you are after, they will only need a trim a couple of times a year.


Another option would be to use magnolias - I know it's not your traditional screening plant but has lovely glossy green leaves with a rust undertone and has beautiful perfumed flowers. Can be slow growing and you can have varieties that only grow to 1 to 2 metres - plus you can trim them to keep them at your desired height and shape. - ​​Branchy249


Red Robin is a tough plant, I have seen a large hedge go under in a flood and at the same place out in a very hot sun as well as frost and -4 degrees maybe less as it's close to a gully. Mine is the same out in the sun and never gets watered plus we had -3 deg this year and it's out in flower now. - poppins


Viburnum odoratissimum is hardy too. Beautiful fragrance. Will grow in full or semi shade to 3m. Need to trim annually. Easy to propagate by cuttings. - Lucille

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