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What timber should I use for a raised garden bed?

Timber.jpgTo build a raised garden bed you'll need timber suitable for in-ground use, which is typically H4 treated Pine.


Traditional CCA treated Pine contains arsenic and so isn't suitable for growing food in unless you line it with builder's plastic.


If you are looking for an alternative to traditional CCA treated timber, I'd recommend treatment options like MicroPro and ACQ, which don't contain arsenic.


There are limited options when it comes to posts with a non-CCA treatment. I would suggest you either use the Whites Retain-iT system or sleepers for the posts as well.


Both of these options are described in the following guides. You might like to start by reading How to build a simple raised garden bed or for something a little more advanced How to build a raised garden bed.


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You can find plans here. Or check here on Workshop for loads of great examples. - Kermit


Microshades sleepers are awesome. No need for any lining, just screw them together and away you go. - TheSaltyreefer


Microshades sleepers are excellent and considered "safe". That's what I use in all of our food garden beds here at home. Hardwood, if you can find it untreated, is also excellent but harder to cut, lift, etc. Be aware that a lot of hardwood is CCA treated so look carefully at product details. Some people will suggest recycled railway sleepers. I would advise against that. Apart from being crazy-hard to work with they can be heavily impregnated with all manner of industrial grade chemicals. - Adam_W


The difference between the CCA-treated timber and the Microshades sleeper is that the Microshades one does not contain any arsenic. This makes the Microshades sleeper an ideal timber for use in garden beds.


Here is a handy link to MicroPro: MicroPro Sienna treatment technologyEricL


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