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What to do about carpet grippers sticking through?

Carpet.jpgCarpet grippers are categorised as short, medium, and long pins. You then use the appropriate gripper depending on the thickness of the underlay and carpet. There is actually a company that supplies these particular grippers BBS flooring products. Here is the link to the supplier's datasheet: Carpet Gripper


If you have the information about the thickness of your underlay and carpet, you can determine which gripper should be used.


You will also have to add the length of carpet that particular gripper is holding. If that gripper is holding a certain length there is a certain weight rating applied to it. Using a smaller gripper might not be enough to hold the tension in the carpet. - EricL


If the job was done by professionals, get them out to fix it urgently given it's such a safety hazard.


If it was a DIY job, I'm not sure what could be done beside reinstalling a gripper with shorter spikes to better suit the thickness of the carpet base. It may be possible to place some padding between the gripper and the underside of the carpet.


Put some safety tape over it in the meantime to avoid further injuries. - ProjectPete

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