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What tomatoes should I grow?

Handheld-Cherry-Tomatoes-in-hand_8063.jpegI like Roma for salads. It's also pretty easy to grow as it's a smaller plant that can be grown in pots and doesn't tend to need as much staking. As an all-rounder, I'd look at Grosse Lisse. - CathD


Have a look at Tommy Toe - Ideal for salads and considered the best tasting tomato according to the Gourmet Taste Test in Victoria.


My top tip is to ensure you water evenly, otherwise the fruit can split just as it's about to ripen. It can happen when there's a dry period, and then heavy rain, which is common in summer so you do need to hand water regularly. - Isobel


I've had success with cherry Tomatoes (the shrub version) in grow bags, but these could be a great starting point for those new to growing their own, or with limited space. - Andy_Mann


It's a good idea to plant a few at a time over the course of a month so you get a continuous supply of fruit over summer and early autumn rather than all at once. - greygardener


The ones I bought were Apollo, Mighty Red and Grosse Lisse which are pictured in the tomato cages but I also sowed Roma and yellow pear as well as a "mystery" cherry tomato which our son saved seeds from some store bought tomatoes. We call those ones "surprise" tomatoes.


I also have some Grosse Lisse and Siberian tomatoes which are in "air pruning" pots which will be planted out this week. These pots help develop strong root growth and prevents root circling. Annette


The sky’s the limit with the available tomatoes these days. What I have learned is that primarily there are two types of tomatoes - indeterminates (vine style which need staking) and determinate, which are the bush style of tomatoes.


Usually, Roma style toms are bush. Grow them in a cage style for some support, and let them go. Most vine style tomatoes will need a lot of support and training. But some people just let them grow on the ground. It’s all up to you. I say, like many others, grow what you like eating. There’s nothing like the taste of home grown tomatoes. 


I have planted a variety of Tomatoes this year, mainly purchased from Bunnings or grown from seed. Our new hoop house has been a great development in feeding our family, and has been working really well. I hope your toms are growing well and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Here's what I've been growing:



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