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What tools does a beginner need?

Hammer.jpgEvery household needs a screw driver set! You can pick up a basic set for $10 from Craftright or your classic Stanley set for $28.90. Screwdrivers always come in handy and both of these sets also come with smaller precision screwdrivers.


If you're struggling to work out what else you might need you can't go wrong with the 105 piece tool bag from Supatool. It contains entry level tools but they are perfect for around the home and for $40 you get a lot of bang for your buck! - JoshRaf


I'd suggest screwdrivers, a hammer, a drill, an adjustable wrench and a set of hex (allen) keys. - Isobel


First things that come to mind:

  • Screwdriver set
  • Cordless drill
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Tool bag
  • Spirit level
  • 6.5mm masonry drill bit
  • Green Wall plugs
  • Hack saw
  • Stanley knife.



This really depends on what you intend to do, however the following should set you up:

  • Screwdriver set, including jewellers.
  • Combination and longnose pliers.
  • Large and small adjustable wrench (saves on buying spanners and sockets).
  • Tape measure.
  • Hammer.
  • Stanley/box knife.
  • Roll of electrical/duct tape.
  • Packet of zip ties.
  • Good set of gloves.
  • Can of Inox/RP7 or alternative lubricating product (good for door rollers, hinges, etc)
  • Bag to store neatly in one place so it's always ready to go.


You can always expand your kit and there will always be a task where you will need a specialised tool (for example, tap spanners for changing washers, saw for cutting wood/metal, etc). - darylhewston


Here’s some key tools:

  • A decent drill is a must. Having a hammer function makes it more practical/versatile allowing you to drill into brick/masonry. Often a better option than limiting yourself to timber/steel.
  • I agree that an orbital sander will be worth the small investment but a corner sander certainly still has its place too.
  • I've found my multi-tool comes in handy so often and is easily the most versatile tool I own.
  • Irwin clamp sets are a great investment. Besides their strong hold/quality, they've done well to invest in the attachments space making them useful in a range of applications from simply holding something still to clamping 90 degree joins, holding decking in place and more.


Going beyond the essentials of a tool kit into tools for proper DIY you should look at the following...

  • Jigsaw - comes in particularly handy when you're repurposing pallets as a drop saw isn't much good at first. If you want to really zip through them and to get through the bigger bits of timber I definitely suggest a circular saw.
  • Breaking down pallets (depending what you're working on) can be made easier with a mallet and claw hammer.
  • A good set of chisels can come in handy too. I use a Kincrome set.
  • A 1m rule and a square.
  • Good pair of work gloves (especially working on pallets/recycled timber which is more susceptible to splinters).



Don’t buy the cheapest version of tool sets. There is a lot of rubbish out there that will need replacing too often. If you buy a quality brand DIY model it will last you a lifetime. I would suggest you visit a tool shop in your local area and talk to the tool specialist. Ask for quality DIY tools.


Most of the items already suggested from ProjectPete cover the basics. Also a set of good drill bits 1-13mm, a drill sharpener, a nail punch, a centre punch, and when buying a portable drill/driver, get Lithium-ion 18V version. If a planer is required I would suggest a hand (push) model as you are likely to make less errors. The rest buy it as you need it. - Johnnynl


A ladder. If you can't reach it, you can't fix it. - kel


I've recently just finished setting up my DIY car repair garage and if you're looking for general tools for car repair or anything related, you can check out the list of tools from Dig My Ride which I also used as a reference for stocking up on tools. - JBan26


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