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Bathroom transformation with open shower

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Getting rid of an unused bathtub can offer room for a spacious open shower, large vanity or more storage.





The project


In an older style home with no internal toilet and a bathtub that was never used, Bunnings Workshop member Justlucky2k2 saw an opportunity for a complete bathroom overhaul. They wanted to get rid of the bathtub and and shower screen to create an open shower with fixed glass and the space to install a toilet.




Proposing the following layout change, they reached out to the Bunnings Workshop community for ideas on a design that would work best in this 1600mm x 2300mm space, and for the least investment.



Using Sketchup, redracer01 designed this layout with a tactful approach to the limited space.




He suggested having a plinth at the entrance of the walk in shower to prevent excess water from travelling out of the shower area, and to help keep the bottom of the glass panel from being constantly wet, which slows down mould growth on the glass. He also suggested getting a bright LED light to replace the current fixture and another to go above the mirror, as well as a 3-in-1 heat, light and fan to remove moisture.


Other advice by Workshop members included having a wall recess in the shower to store amenities, using a large mirror to make the space appear bigger, keeping the toilet far from the vanity for better hygiene and installing a stylish sliding barn door.


Workshop member Deb suggested consulting a plumber as she found out through her own renovation that a shower needs a larger drain than what is generally provided for a bath. In response to a question around tiling over the existing tiles, Deb added, "I was going to do this until I looked at the issues of dealing with door architraves and the ceiling cornice. Making the tiles thicker (existing tiles plus tile adhesive and new tile) means that you pretty much need to remove architraves and ceiling cornice. I decided that I might as well remove the old wall tiles."


Justlucky2k2 shared a striking end result with tiles installed across the floor and walls in a monochrome design, and plenty of space to enjoy the luxurious open shower. Following the advice of KathF, they created a run off into a long drain in the open shower to help keep the water from seeping into the rest of the space. They installed a 600mm vanity where the shower used to be and finally have a toilet inside. Apart from the plumbing and electrical work, the renovation was entirely D.I.Y.


Before and after






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