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Bedroom makeover using VJ panels

Having an Impact
Having an Impact
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A bedroom makeover with VJ panelling completed in just one day.



The project


A simple transformation to this outdated bedroom. This was able to be done in just one day.



Tools and materials


Tools and materials used for the project:





Step 1


Firstly I cut the VJ panels to size using a circular saw. I cut the 2400mm pieces in half as I wanted the height to be 1200mm high.


Step 2


Next I did two coats of paint (Casper white quarter) before installing them on the wall.


Step 3


Now it was time to measure the holes for the powerpoints and cut them out with a jigsaw.


Step 4


Now the fun part. Installing the panels. And to my surprise this was super easy. You just apply Selleys Hold Up glue to the back of the panels and once it is in place I tacked a couple of nails into the studs to hold it while the glue set. To hide the nail holes I just used a bit of putty.


PXL_20221118_223730709 (1).jpg

Step 5


The powerpoints were easier than I expected. We measured the distance from the wall and floor to the centre of the powerpoint. Just make sure to measure well and cut a hole that's smaller than the powerpoint cover. 


I then did a final coat of paint and installed the three timber dowels on top to finish it off. 



Home Improvement Guru

Good Morning @sammilne 

Nice looking wall and so fresh! I am impressed with the speed of the makeover plus how nice it looks. I know Id take a few weekends all up lol Tho I admit my working day ends up being is around 2-3 hrs per day on the weekend :smile:

With your power points another impressed! I have tried to get it right when doing plaster walls and man I wouldnt say it was easy to match with an existing set powerpoint. you have made me want to redo my bedroom!



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