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VJ panelling projects for any room in the house

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Projects Editor

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VJ panelling is a simple way to spruce up a flat wall and create a stunning feature in any room.


Check out what these Bunnings Workshop members were able to do with VJ panelling.


1. Recessed TV feature wall with EasyVJ panels by @ProjectPete 


Experienced Workshop member Pete transformed a plain brick wall in his living room into a gorgeous feature wall using EasyVJ panels.




2. VJ panelling bedroom makeover by @craftyhopper 


Creative member craftyhopper created this gorgeous bedroom retreat by building a feature wall and tying the space together with Porter's Paints colours Yacht Race and Rubble.




3. Wall panelling in kids bedroom by @kingj11 


Using three 1m wall panels painted in Dulux Paris Green Matte, Workshop member kingj11 created this stunning feature wall and finished it with a Tasmanian Oak trim.




4. Kitchen island EasyVJ panelling by @ProjectPete 


Pete used Easycraft EasyVJ 63mm panelling on his kitchen island and painted with British Paints Mossy Road.




5. Bathroom makeover on a strict budget by @craftyhopper 


Panels were cut to fit close to the tile and cornice in this bathroom so the only gaps to fill were pin holes from a nail gun used to secure them.




6. Nib wall bedhead with VJ panels by @EleventhCoastal 


EleventhCoastal shared this impressive nib wall bedhead with VJ panelling and floating shelves.




7. VJ panelling feature wall by @craftyhopper 


craftyhopper found a simple and effective way to cover an eyesore and create a beautiful feature wall with VJ panelling.




8. Barn door hack by @mattoharae


Matt biscuit joined and glued two hollow doors together to create a wider style barn door and then used liquid nails to attach VJ panels for this stylish finish.




9. Laundry, shower and toilet makeover by @Joe3333 


Updating this small laundry with adjoining shower and toilet included installing terrazzo floor tiling and VJ wall panelling.




How to create a VJ feature wall


Creating a feature wall is easy with VJ wall panels. Follow the simple steps from the Bunnings team in the guide How to create a VJ feature wall.


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