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Laundry makeover with VJ panels and shelving

Making a Splash
Making a Splash


VJ panels painted in Dulux Dinosaur plus timber shelves helped to transform a laundry.



The project


This project brief was to turn a boring laundry that was becoming a dumping ground into a stunning "country coastal" space where I’m keen to spend hours.


Tools and materials




Step 1


I chose what paint colour to go with by doing sample patches of my three choices. I decided to go Dulux Dinosaur.


I then removed the old shelves and all the items on the bench to bring me back to a blank canvas.


I then wiped over the wall with some sugar soap wipes and proceeded to do two coats of paint with a day between each layer.




I only painted this far down as the rest of the space would be covered.



Step 2


I then cut the timber that I was going to use down to size. To do this, I used my drop saw. I made the left side slightly longer than the right so that the gap in my timber would reflect the size of the sink. After cutting the timber down, I painted it along with the VJ panel that I had.



I wanted hooks on the painted timber but not conventional hooks so I used black door knobs from Kmart for that. I installed them by measuring the centre of the timber and then pre-drilling and doing a counter drill with a slightly bigger drill bit so they sat flush at the back of the timber.



Step 3


I then cut the timber that I was going to use for the shelves down to size. I cut it to size using my drop saw and then used my jig saw to cut the round corner edges.  My template for the round edge was a lid from my laundry powder jar.



I used Carinya Deco brackets to secure the shelves in with Pinnacle black head countersink screws. For this process, I would pre-drill a smaller hole than the screw and then drill the screw in.




Step 4


Next up was installing all the shelves. The side shelves required plugs to be installed first because I was going straight into the plaster.


I used plan brackets for these shelves so the Deco ones popped on the green wall.



Step 5


Next up was cleaning the mess, putting everything away and styling. The laundry is where my husband and sons shave, so I made this quirky sign to give the shelves a fun side.



I added the canvas art that I had and I also painted to bring in some bright colours that matched the poppies that I styled with.



I only added one shelf on the left side because that would house the washing detergent but I wanted to add two smaller shelves on the right to house the shavers and some decor. I’m loving how amazing the black and timber both pop against the Dulux Dinosaur green. I'm so happy my idea worked.




If I had one piece of advice it would be to make it functional for your home. Having a husband and two adult sons, I wanted this space to include The Shaving Station so that the bathrooms remain clear of whiskers.


And some more advice - draw several different designs and work out why each would or wouldn’t work for your space and then put all the right options together. 


Before and after






Kind of a Big Deal

Hi @EleventhCoastal 


Great  job I love the green  I use a two tone green  ( Erin green like yours and avocardo as a darker green below a midway joining wall paper strip of pink red flowers .


Just saying I love the green I think it invites the outdoors inside.

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