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Nib wall bedhead with VJ panels

Having an Impact
Having an Impact

An impressive feature wall bedhead. Follow step-by-step instructions to get this look.





The project


The first thing I did before tackling this bedhead project was to measure the space several times, both the width and the height, making sure I allowed enough space between the ledge and window.


I marked out where all the studs are, the space where our bed is, and the middle point of the room so that it was easier to screw in the VJ panels.


How to build a nib wall bedhead


Step one


Build a frame with studs and noggins. I did mine 450 apart.




Step two


Secure these to the walls studs to make sure that everything is stable.


Step three


Pre-drill the Spotted Gum ledge with brackets and attach to the studs.


Step four


Measure and pre-cut any powerpoint holes, the skirting board space and any other obstacles and then secure the VJ panels to the wall. Make sure you use liquid nails on the studs and then secure the panels with a few screws to allow the liquid nails to set overnight.


A trick to make sure the panels are flush at the top is to place wedges at the bottom of each panel as this can be covered with skirting board or silicone later.




Step five


Use silicone on all the edges, and putty the holes where you screwed into the studs and then let both dry.


Step six


Paint your desired colour and style to your heart's content.




  • Easycraft EasyVJ panels


  • 5 lengths of structural Pine 70mm x 35mm x 6m


  • Designer hardwood in Birch 1200mm x 240mm x 32mm


  • 1 Spotted Gum decking plank


  • Screws


  • Liquid Nails


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Congratulations to Kirsty (@EleventhCoastal) for having this fantastic bedroom project featured in the Bunnings Magazine. We love your work!





Making a Splash

Looks great and appreciate the tutorial.

Having an Impact

Thank you so much Jason for the congratulations, I seriously am so blown away and humbled by this experience.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @EleventhCoastal


Congratulations on such an amazing project and being featured in the Bunnings magazine. It's truly an inspirational piece of D.I.Y. that's so well planned and executed.




Having an Impact

Thank you so much Caron and Eric, I really appreciate the support and feedback.

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