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Bedroom wainscot feature wall

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This economical wainscoting project made a stunning feature of a bare bedroom wall.





The project


We wanted to add a feature wainscot panelling wall behind the bedhead to keep it consistent with the panelling throughout our house renovation. It was a relatively easy and inexpensive D.I.Y. project and adds some character to what would otherwise have been a blank white bedroom wall.




Here's how we did it.


  • We measured the wall dimensions and sketched up a plan to work out the panel spacings. It's important to get the spacings right and proportionate to the size of the room. We also measured the height of the bedhead to allow the wainscoting to still be seen with the bedhead in front of it.


  • We used a laser level and nailed on the bottom horizontal rail (110 x 18mm MDF Primed ).


  • We used Selleys Liquid Nails and brad nails to install a 3mm MDF sheet  to act as a smooth backing for the wainscoting (as opposed to using the plaster on the wall, which can be slightly textured).


  • We then lined up the laser for the top rail and used Liquid Nails and brad nails for the top horizontal rail (also 110 x 18mm MDF Primed ).


  • We individually measured and cut the vertical battens (67 x 12mm MDR Primed ).


  • Used the vertical laser to get the alignment for the vertical battens and nailed them on, ensuring each one had a snug fit.


  • Nailed on the final bottom skirting (140 x 18mm Primed Colonial Moulding ) to tie in with all the other skirtings on the adjacent walls.


  • Used a punch tool to punch in any nails that were sitting high and filled all the nail holes with a multipurpose filler.

















Before and after






How to make a timber feature wall 


A feature wall can add interest and create a focal point for a room or entryway. Check out the step-by-step video guide How to make a feature wall using wood panels.



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Amassing an Audience

Awesome stuff @homeinmelbourne , I've wanted something similar to this in our bedroom for ages but the wife keeps saying no 😭 (I'm going to show her this in the hopes of convincing her), glad to see it worked out so well with you to help update the room!


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Thank you @Remarka6le ! I just love the look of a wainscot wall paired with thick skirting boards.


That's wonderful, I'm sure it'll look great! Be sure to share your wainscoting project if you are able to do it. 😊

Having an Impact

Very nice job indeed, also I think you've added value because when you'll sell, I'm sure the new owners will keep it, painting it in their own colours at most. I'd love to buy a house that you renovated, you(s) seem quite fussy about the quality of your work.

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Thank you so much @Rolando, that's very kind of you.

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