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Chicken nesting box

Becoming a Leader
Becoming a Leader

This chicken nesting box was built using recycled pallet and plywood crate timber and MDF pieces.



Wayne nesting box.png


The project


A friend asked if I could make a chicken nesting box for her two backyard chickens.

I planed up some pallets to equal thicknesses and made the framework using pocket hole screw joints.

Hens Nest 1.jpg


Then glued and brad nailed the back panels using a couple MDF pieces cut to size for the spacing of the middle frames.

Hens Nest 2.jpg


A plywood crate was being thrown away at work so I cut that up for the internal lining of the nesting boxes.


Hens Nest 3.jpg


I glued and brad nailed those in place and then continued on with the outer cladding.

Hens Nest 4.jpg

Hens Nest 5.jpg


I finished the back, floor and a couple of strips at the front. She supplied plastic trays that she will place in each position.

Hens Nest 8.jpg


The side and end cladding was supposed to go full width but I accidentally cut the boards too small so I decided to cut them smaller and glue them inside the outer frame.

Hens Nest 7.jpg


And voila! One chicken nesting box. I will fill the nail holes with beeswax and she will apply a varnish finish.


Hens Nest 6.jpg


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jennyweston Chicken laying box.png

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