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Craft room with storage

Amassing an Audience
Amassing an Audience


Shelves, storage tubs, baskets, a pegboard and plasterboard wall fixings used to organise a new craft room.



The project


We had a small empty room upstairs that has a sloped ceiling and is a bit of an awkward space, so I decided to turn it into my craft room and study.  




Step 1


As the roof slopes down almost to the floor on one side of the room, I really wanted to make the most of the space against the high wall. So, I decided to utilise the wall space with a storage system by Flexi Storage Home Solutions. 

I first put two desks together against the wall to work out how much wall space I had to work with. Then I measured up the wall and made a design on the planner on the Flexi Storage website. 




Step 2


Next, I got everything I needed for my custom-designed storage system and started with attaching the hang tracks and double slot wall strips to the wall. For support, I made sure to attach a few sections into the studs with metal screws (we have steel studs) and the rest into the plasterboard with plasterboard wall fixings.



Step 3


The next step was the fun part, adding all the accessories. Everything from the home solutions range is made to fit into or hook onto the tracks. I added a mixture of shelves, hooks, baskets and tubs.






Step 4


Lastly, I added a clever cube storage unit for extra storage along with some cube accessories like the shelf dividers and baskets to better organise the space.  


I then added all my craft supplies. I love how organised this space is. It makes crafting a lot more fun when everything has a spot and can easily be found. 





I find I spend a lot more time in there now that everything is organised. Before, most of my craft supplies were in boxes, so if I wanted to do a quick project it would take me longer just trying to find everything I needed. Now I have more motivation as it’s quite an enjoyable and peaceful space to work in. 



Home Improvement Guru

Afternoon @prettyliving 

:smile: Now thats a good looking area, I was stirring the guys I work with and saying drop the "craft" part and insert "electronics" and they would be in heaven! :laugh:

Yes they were envious!


Nice way to use a space functionally :smile:




Amassing an Audience

@Dave-1 haha it would make a pretty cool electronics room 😉

thank you ☺️

Becoming a Leader



Just had to let you know how impressed I am with your craft/creative space you have made for yourself.  I almost had a few questions to ask.  BUT then found them covered in your list of materials used. 

I am in the process of moving house.  Our craft room (I share with my disabled daughter)  was the first thing I had to tackle.  STILL a work in progress, which has been a much bigger task than first planned.  As we are downsizing homes, and have had to utilise our lounge room so we could still at least have a craft room. 


Many thanks for sharing.  I so love this group, I go searching through past posts to see if I can find others who have posted similar to what I am planning on doing.  Saves me making another post on the same or similar subject.  



Amassing an Audience


Thank you, I’m so glad it has inspired you. This room gets so much use in my house and has been so practical! You will love doing a setup like this! All the best with the move! ☺️



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