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Craft room with storage

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Craft room with storage

We had a small empty room upstairs that has a sloped ceiling and is a bit of an awkward space so I decided to turn it into my craft room/ study.  


Step 1

As the roof slopes down almost to the floor on one side of the room I really wanted to make the most of the space against the high wall so I decided to utilise the wall space with a storage system by Flexi Storage Home Solutions. 

I first I put 2 desks together against the wall to work out how much wall space I had to work with, then I measured up the wall and made a design on the planner on the Flexi storage website. 



Step 2

Next, I got everything I needed for my custom designed storage system and started with attaching the hang tracks and double slot wall strips to the wall. For support I made sure to attach a few sections into the studs with metal screws (we have steel studs) and the rest into the plasterboard with plasterboard wall fixings.



Step 3

The next step was the fun part, adding all the accessories. Everything from the home solutions range is made to fit into or hook onto the tracks. I added a mixture of shelves, hooks, baskets and tubs.






Step 4

Lastly I added a clever cube storage unit for extra storage along with some cube accessories like the shelf dividers and baskets to better organise the space.  


I then added all my craft supplies. 

I love how organised this space is, it makes crafting a lot more fun when everything has a spot and can easily be found. 





Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Craft Room With Storage

The transformation of this small nook is remarkable @prettyliving! I love the practicality and appearance of your chosen storage solutions, as they make the most of the available wall space and look great too. It's evident that you put a lot of thought into the design and chose the right mix of shelves, hooks, baskets, and tubs to create a well-organized and efficient workspace.


How has this new craft room impacted your creativity and productivity? Have you noticed any changes in how you approach your craft projects or how you feel while working in this space?


Well done and many thanks for sharing!




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Re: Craft Room With Storage

Thanks @MitchellMc 

I find I spend a lot more time in there now that everything is organised. Before most of my craft supplies were in boxes so if I wanted to do a quick project it would take me longer just trying to find everything I needed, whereas now I have more motivation as it’s quite an enjoyable and peaceful space to work in. 

Re: Craft Room With Storage

That sounds so fantastic, @prettyliving! I'm currently struggling with a similar issue. I have plenty of arts and crafts supplies, but they are scattered everywhere in various storage locations. Often it's easier to re-buy the same things than try to locate them. I might have to get started on my own craft nook.


Here's a crafty question for you: What type of hot glue gun do you use? I'm in the market for a new one and typically would just purchase the one with the highest wattage. Often at times, I'll need to cover a large area quickly so I can bring the two pieces together before a section of glue starts to cool, so high flow is important. I was going to pick up the DEWALT Rapid Heat Ceramic Glue Gun, but the Ryobi One+ 18V Hot Glue Gun - Skin Only caught my eye. The cordless version sounds like it would be super convenient. Any thoughts?




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