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D.I.Y. portable bike stand

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This bike rack on castors makes it easy to store multiple bicycles in a tight space and can be built in just a day.





The project


We recently had our council hard rubbish clean up, so I figured it was a good time to organise the storage under our stairs. Our biggest problem was all the bikes and scooters. I needed to organise them in a way that allowed us to move the bikes easily to access the storage behind them. Using timber and bike hooks from Bunnings, I created this bike stand on castors. Can’t believe how easy it is to store them away and move them. After measuring the heights and widths needed and cutting all the lengths, I was able to knock it out in a day.




How to build a portable bike stand


As I wanted this to fit in the storage room under the stairs, I had to make sure it would fit. If you're planning on making this for an open area, you can make the stand wider with more space between the bikes. 


Stand dimensions

Height: 1.6m plus castors

Width: 47cm

Depth: 67cm


Bike dimensions

Length: 1.7m-1.8m

Handlebars: 63cm-70cm

Wheel size: 67cm-70cm



700mm x 350mm structural timber 

Timber screws (minimum 20mm)

4 lockable castors

2 wall-mounted bike hooks


Wood cuts


2 x 1.6m

4 x 40cm (stand supports)

2 x 20cm (vertical supports)



2 x 47cm

4 x 60cm (7cm wheel gap)

2 x 8cm (bottom wheel rest)



4 x 46cm (cut angles: 55 degree and 30 degree).


Step-by-step directions


1. Measure and cut all required lengths. Pre-drill if you can.


2. Screw together the base (making sure it is square). Use the wheel rest as a spacer for the wheel gap.


3. Attach the 1.6m lengths. Clamp the stand supports to ensure the correct spacing for the bikes, then screw together.


4. Attach the crossbeams. 


5. Attach the bike hooks. The second hook should be 10cm lower, allowing room for the handlebars and a gap between the pedals.


6. Once you are satisfied with all the measurements, attach the castors. 


Important notes


My bike stand was designed to fit a small storage room. Alter the plans as required for your needs. Increasing the stand width will allow you to hang both bikes upright with ease.


Make sure the bike hook has a protective cover to reduce the chance of damage to your bike's rims.


Lockable castors add stability but also make it easier and safer when attaching and removing bikes.





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