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D.I.Y. tinted windows

Amassing an Audience
Amassing an Audience

Mirror-tinted window film was quick and easy to install and helped create privacy and remove sun glare.





The project


My husband and I decided to try out the mirror-tinted window film from Bunnings. We are super impressed! We got two big windows done for less than $100, plus we had a heap left over. We only used about half of the roll. 

As per the Bunnings video tutorial we put water in a spray bottle with a couple drops of baby shampoo and sprayed that on the window before applying the tint. It worked a treat! Very happy with the results.




All up it took us around three hours to do all six sections. It took us a little bit to get the hang off it at the start. We found that we weren’t spraying enough water on it at first so it was hard to work with, whereas when we sprayed more water on it was a lot easier to get all the little air bubbles out as we smoothed it out.


We measured each window and then cut a piece to have roughly 2cm overhang on each side. Once we put it up and had every bubble out then we ran a Stanley knife just above the seal of the window. It requires patience and we took our time to get it perfect. One of us stood on the outside to check for any bubbles as sometimes it’s hard to see them from the inside. 


We did this mainly for privacy so that we could leave the curtains open during the day but it also takes out the glare of the sunlight, which is a bonus.


Before and after






How to install window film


Installing window film is a great way to improve privacy in your home without cutting out any natural light. It doesn't cost much to do, but it can be a little fiddly unless you know what you're doing. This video shows you all the tricks you need to know to get the best results with the least amount of fuss.


Finding My Feet

Can I tint over existing tint that has delaminated? If not, what is the easiest way to remove the existing tint 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Shaz2828,


You could try tinting over delaminated tint, but it's not designed for that purpose, and you'll likely get a sub-standard finish due to the inconsistent tint. It'll be darker where the old tint is left and lighter where it is delaminated. 


Typically, window tint will peel off by hand once you start a corner. It will generally leave behind a glue residue, which must be removed later with adhesive remover. You can try removing it on a hot day when the sun has heated the glass or applying mild heat from a hairdryer on the opposite side of the glass from the tint. The heat softens the glue and allows the tint to be removed easier.


Spraying soapy water onto the peeled edge will assist in dissolving the glue. Also, a razor blade is handy for starting edges and scraping off the glue.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Amassing an Audience

The Mirror tint is the best! 🙏


It's made life interesting with our local birds who decide to have some funny showdowns from time to time, but the temperature difference (especially from the morning sun) has been fantastic. Also a great fan of the Crystal Clear versions for the backyard and other areas where we want non-darkened windows :smile: 

Well done :laugh: 

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