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Dog kennel with ramp and rooftop

Cultivating a Following
Cultivating a Following

A special ramp allows a lucky dog to lounge on the rooftop lawn of his own kennel.





The project


I built my dog's house with the idea of having options for him to be inside the house or go to the rooftop and enjoy the sun and the view.




He loved it from the initial build. I sometimes had to take him out of the house sleeping so I could continue working on it.




I was getting pretty popular at my local Bunnings. I had to go every day to buy something as my Toyota Yaris could not fit everything in one go.




These wheels make it pretty easy to move it around.




Synthetic turf on the ground floor.




 I can open the rooftop to make it easier to clean.




Vent for airflow.




I had to train him, using treats, step by step on the ramp until he was on the rooftop and give him a big hug and kisses when he made it. Had to repeat this a few times.


Training him to go up the ramp was easier than training him to go down. He wanted just to jump from the rooftop to the floor, which is not ideal.




I added some sensor lights at the entrance so every time he goes in or out the lights turn on. 




Pretty happy with the final result.


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dog kennel.png


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How to build a dog kennel


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Let us know if you need a hand with your own pet project. Start a discussion and tell us what you need.


Kind of a Big Deal

Ohhhh wow that’s amazing I love it !!! Love your work @patorodriguez and your dog is gorgeous too 😄😄

Having an Impact

Wow! That's a really nice house for Rolo - lucky doggo :smile:

That looks better than even some Sydney houses :cheeky:

Becoming a Leader

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! What an amazing kennel for a gorgeous pooch! That truly is a home fit for a king. Great job, thank you for sharing, and giving Rolo a wonderful loving home 😍

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