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Drill charging station

Becoming a Leader
Becoming a Leader

This clever storage solution will keep your drills organised, charged and ready for your next build. Build your own following step-by-step instructions.



Cordless Drill Charge Station7.jpg


The project


Wayne's drill charging station has been extremely popular in the Bunnings Workshop community. He found that the most difficult part was "configuring and making the drill holders", and carefully measured all his drills for a custom fit.


Using a spray paint can as a template to draw the circular front, he cut out five pieces on a band saw, and then cut one in half lengthways for the outer pieces.


Cordless Drill Charge Station1.jpg


The uprights were glued and screwed to the holders as well as the base section of the box structure. Wayne used a 1/4 inch roundover bit to round off most of the edges on his router table. He used 19mm Pine or veneered MDF throughout the project, and all the pieces were screwed or glued and bradded.

Cordless Drill Charge Station3.jpg


Wayne left the back open so that cords can be hidden behind it, and mounted a powerboard with individual switching on the back panel so that he can leave the power on and just switch the particular charging unit he wants to use on or off.

Cordless Drill Charge Station6.jpg

How to build your own drill charging station


Resident D.I.Y. expert Mitchell created a comprehensive step-by-step guide with a full list of tools and materials so that Bunnings Workshop community members can build their own drill charging station.


Mitch drill station.png


Other drill charging station projects


Bunnings Workshop member JeffreyB built a similar station to store and charge his tools.


jeffrey drill station.jpeg


Inspired by Wayne's project, Bunnings Workshop member jimohalloran decided he needed something similar in his shed. He used timber offcuts in his build and added an extra shelf for storing batteries.


jim drill station.jpeg


After showing a friend a picture of his project, Wayne was asked to build another charging station as a birthday present.


wayne drill station.jpeg

Just Starting Out

Loved the charging station.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hello @Barry2862


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you for joining the discussion.


Let me tag @Wayne to make them aware of your kind words. Are you planning on making your own drill charging station? Any updates you can provide would be much appreciated.


If you have any questions about this project we can help out with, please let us know.




Finding My Feet

Love it would love to help my husband make this

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @mgarrett. It's brilliant to have you join us and great to see this project has inspired you.


I'm sure your husband will be delighted with this charging station. I have a similar one, and it's one of the best improvements I've made to my workspace. Be sure to check out this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide: How to build a drill charging station. I've made a few of these now, so I'd be delighted to answer any questions you have during the build.


Reach out anytime you need assistance with a project around the home and garden or have something to share with the community.

Keep us updated on your project; I can't wait to see your finished results. 




Finding My Feet

What a wonderful job you have done on your charging station. I have my pieces on a shelving unit, but it just doesn't do the job. This is one of the first jobs I will endeavour as a beginner.

Thanks for sharing, you're very talented.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Christine-,


Allow me to tag @Wayne so they are notified of your comment.


Please reach out if you require any assistance with your upcoming projects, our community members would be more than happy to help.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Christine-,


Let me extend a very warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. We're so pleased to have you join us and look forward to seeing your skills and experience develop.


Please check out this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide: How to build a drill charging station for building your own, and let us know if you have any questions about the build.




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