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Farmhouse laundry renovation

Junior Contributor
Junior Contributor

Raising the washer and dryer and adding deep drawers underneath has created more practical storage in this laundry.



1.jpg    . 


The project


This room was pretty much a complete re-do but so happy with how it's turned out, and it's now one of my favourite rooms we have completed.


We made the decision early on that we were going to make the laundry smaller to allow for our future bathroom and toilet renovation, which will give us a separate toilet from the bathroom. Our laundry space connects directly to the mudroom as well so we wanted to make sure we created a functional laundry utilising the smaller space but also a cohesive and enjoyable space that you didn’t dread having to walk into all the time.


We went against the trend and ripped out our washer and dryer under-the-bench style laundry, and raised the washer and dryer with large deep drawers underneath. The amount of extra storage now compared to the overheads is incredible. The drawers are easily accessible and so much more practical for everyday use in my home rather than the small overhead cupboards.


We started by flipping the current sliding door from the left to the right. We did this because we were bringing the current laundry wall forward 800mm and the door wouldn’t fit in its current location, but also to allow for the natural light to come through into the laundry space from the mudroom. We purchased the pocket frame and door from Bunnings.



We also built the new laundry wall and had the plumbing moved.



We plastered up the new wall, ripped out the old slate floor (now that was a job) and lay the new floor tiles. All supplies and tiles were purchased from Bunnings, of course. We used a simple matte black tile to flow in from the mudroom.




All the lower laundry wall is Kaboodle – bases, fronts, hardware all purchased through Bunnings. We used:

  • 1 x 900mm base cabinet with 2 x 450mm cabinet doors
  • 2 x 600mm 2 drawer base cabinet with the 600mm 2 drawer panels
  • Hazelnut Kaboodle benchtop




The fronts are a country profile in raw so we could paint them ourselves following the instructions on a Bunnings video. The colour and paint we used was Porters Paints in the French Green – bought at Bunnings – we also used this colour in our mudroom and love both the colour and finish of this paint.



We used BC plywood as our filler and end panels to allow for the same spacings. It creates a nicer finish in the end. We also used this to create the boxes for the washer and dryer, and where the laundry baskets are placed.




We covered the open side with a really thin piece of ply and the face of the BC ply was covered with a finishing Pine 30mm. Everything was painted in the French green.


To continue the flow of the mudroom brick, we used brick facings as our splashback, glued onto blue board with liquid nails and then grouted using standard mortar mix. 




We completed our walls with shiplap. We use the TruChoice White Primed Shiplap boards from Bunnings. Tip: if you're paining them a colour, always pre-paint your lip and join – trying to get a paintbrush in the gaps is not fun. We also built a little stylish ledge from the leftover plywood and used hooks to bring her to life and finish her off.



 4.jpg 2.jpg


Before and after






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Absolutely next level!  Am I looking at a cottage in the Cotswolds or Devon or a house in Australia?!?! All of the elements work well on their own but when combined...well, I'd actually FIGHT to do the laundry in this room. Sheer perfection!


The only irritating thing is that your photos and design has now made me totally rethink my current laundry project - raising the appliances is genius and I really think I'm going to follow your lead. I just keep coming back to this project - can't get it out of my head. Back to the Kaboodle online planner for me!


Congratulations on this piece of gorgeousness.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

We'd be keen to check out your laundry project @RenoRach1. I trust our members will have some fantastic suggestions for you. We'd also happily assist with the Kaboodle planner and layout. @EricL is sensational at putting together custom designs that the Kaboodle planner isn't designed to do. So, he might be able to come up with something special for you.


Let us know.




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@RenoRach1  Such amazing feedback to hear, we love our laundry room and absolutely can not recommend enough raising the washer & dryer off the ground #gamechanger ! If you need help with design or thoughts on your space reach out lm more than happy to help and can’t wait to see the finish room.
Thanks again for the kind words & good luck! 


IG: housetohomeinhaddon 

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@housetohome Thank you, Hayley - I believe I'll take you up on your very kind offer! I'm absolutely serious...I just keep returning to your laundry photograph and have labelled it "inspiration". I'm definitely going to elevate the washer and dryer and I'm thinking I'll have two dirty clothes chutes and a small cabinet for the washing powders, etc underneath them. I was going to just go the quick and easy way, with white laminate cabinets, but I'm now going to follow my heart and I'm aiming for a Hamptons-style laundry with Shaker cabinets in navy and white...BECAUSE OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS!  LOL


The laundry will be the last of five projects I've got on the go at the moment, but the one on which I'll actually do the majority of the work, so it will be pushed to the bottom of the priority list, due to time constraints and cash flow.


I'll certainly need some guidance on building the appliance "boxes" with the ply, so you will hear from me in due course. Until then, happy renovating! Rach

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@MitchellMc Many thanks, Mitchell. I'm still playing with different options on the Kaboodle planner and then adding in the bespoke pieces like @housetohome 's elevated appliance cabinets.  I'll be sure to get in touch with @EricL with my different designs. So excited!



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@housetohome Hi Hayley, just wondering what's the best way to get in touch with you about how to approach building the washing machine and dryer cabinets, please? I would love your wisdom and expertise before I even pick up any tools or a piece of plywood! Cheers, Rach

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hello @RenoRach1


Let me tag @housetohome to make them aware of your question. I recommend sending your question as a private message along with the sizes of your washer and dryer. I suggest having a properly supported cabinet with a strong timber frame. Both laundry machines create strong vibrations and must carry heavy loads continuously. A poorly supported cabinet will not last long with the constant movement applied to it.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know. 




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Hi @EricL 

Many thanks for that advice. I didn't realise private messages were available - that'll teach me to read more closely and stop being mesmerised by @housetohome 's beautiful laundry photos!  😂


I paid my deposit yesterday and my Kaboodle cabinets have been ordered - very excited! The wonderful Ruby at Bunnings Newstead has also ordered 30mm BC ply that @housetohome used, so I hope to follow her lead with these cabinets.


I'm waiting until I install my new flooring, cabinets and finalise the machines in their cabinets before I order the Kaboodle benchtops. While this means it will take a little longer to complete the laundry, it means that the measurements will be exact. I'm also installing a Belfast sink (or my plumber will be!), which are notoriously difficult to get standardise measurements for, so taking delivery of this sink first will allow me to be completely accurate with the benchtop cut-out.


Like @housetohome, I'm using the raw doors so I can paint them in my choice of dark navy for for the bottom cabinets with crisp white on the top. I've ordered some Dulux sample pots to finalise the colours, so the wheels are definitely in motion.


I'll be certain to photograph my progress - it's a marathon, not a sprint and I'm looking forward to honing my renovation skills and using some of my relatively new tools.

Community Manager
Community Manager



I would actually recommend you ask your questions to @housetohome here so that all Bunnings Workshop community members can benefit from any advice shared. This has been a very popular project with the community.


Many thanks,




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This looks so beautiful 👌🏻

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