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Garage conversion into home cinema

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


A garage converted into a home cinema using particleboard, curtains, LED strip lights and a 120-inch projector.





The project


I have an attached garage that was full of junk and just used for storage. I decided to turn it into a cinema room.



I needed to keep access to the backyard as the shed had roller doors front and rear and was the only way to get through. The room is roughly 3m x 5m, I think, but the shed is about 3.2m x 7m. 




The materials used were Yellow Tongue Particleboard and roughly 90 x 30mm timber for the flooring. I can't remember the size. I have left one metre either side for storage and my AV equipment.





I haven't been able to add any acoustic panels yet. That might be the next thing but the thick velvet curtains seem to do an OK job of keeping the sound in, and balanced. I used LED strip lights for the floor riser and ceiling.


I have a heater I bring out and it heats it up pretty quickly. In summer I'll use a good fan, and see how that goes. If not, maybe a portable air con in the corner. 


At the moment, the two recliners look better apart than pushed together. Plus It gives my three-year-old more space down the front to play while I'm watching a movie. Now I just need to save and update the lounges so I have cup holders. 




The screen is an electric 120 inch 16.9 1.1 gain paired with the Optoma HD30HDR. 


Black paint was used for the ceiling. The ceiling strip was also stuck to some PVC angle so you can't see the LED lights themselves, just the glow.


This whole build was done on a budget and I think it has come up awesome. The family loves it.  




Home Improvement Guru

Afternoon @JoshC83 

Now that is brilliant! :smile: Love the idea and how you have executed it.

The curtains down the walls :smile: man o man straight out of a move theatre! I like the idea of the flooring and the raised step at the front/rear :smile: and you still have access!


You seem to have missed one thing tho.... A pretty big thing and I am surpprised after seeing the level of your work.... I dont spot a popcorn machine! :laugh: lol

Love the chip rack and the lollie dispenser tho!


Well done and it would be so cool to watch movies in there.



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