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Hugelkultur raised garden beds

Becoming a Leader
Becoming a Leader

Filling large raised garden beds can be a waste of money and good soil. This method uses woody debris to fill most of the garden bed while also nourishing the soil.





The project


I made two raised garden beds based on the Hugelkultur principle of using woody debris as a garden resource. Three quarters of the beds are filled with branches, logs and sticks, and then back filled with composted soil from our chicken and goats and topped with mushroom compost. Over the course of time, the branches and logs will break down and add lots of goodness into the soil. Once a year when I rotate the crops in the beds, I'll backfill with a good soil.




I chose Australian grown Pine H4 Microshades Sleeper 200 x 50mm sourced from managed forest plantations. Used in landscaping and retaining wall applications, this Pine is termite resistant and the treatment is suitable for use in vegetable beds and children’s play areas.


The cost of each garden bed is around $150. You can reduce the cost by dropping the height by a sleeper, or choosing different materials.


Both raised garden beds – as well as all four paddocks and 32 fruit trees – are connected to an automatic watering system.




There's no shading on the sides, just the top. I'm training Star Jasmine up the side and over the top as a natural cover.




How to build a raised garden bed


Experienced Workshop member Adam Woodhams shared a comprehensive step-by-step guide to building a raised garden bed that includes an optional seat for when you want to take a break and enjoy the garden.   


For beginners, Adam has also shared a step-by-step guide to building a really easy and simple raised bed, while MitchellMc shared how to build a raised garden bed using pallets


Once you have built your new bed, check out How to fill a raised garden bed by Horticulturalist and Workshop member Noelle


Other raised garden bed projects


Looking for a way to fill a garden bed on a low budget, Bunnings Workshop member rattle created a Hugelkultur raised garden bed layering the bed with logs, branches, bark, leaves, horse and cow manure, cardboard, soil, compost and pea straw.


raised garden bed.jpeg


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Building a Reputation

Very classy indeed. Thanks for all those great ideas. 

Home Improvement Guru


We meet again! lol I like your gardens and especially the chicken wire around them! I have been trying to figure out what i cpould use instead of bird netting for years. I finally though of chicken wire but it was more an overall covering the garden bed areas. This is something that is simple and would work so well.

Nice work with teh shade cloth as well.



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