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Hybrid flooring installation over tiled floor

Making a Splash
Making a Splash


Hybrid flooring installed over a tiled floor.



The project


I have wanted to install hybrid flooring for a long time. Well, the time finally came. I ordered 7.5mm hybrid flooring and was able to install it directly over my flat tiles without removing them. The end result is amazing. 




Step 1


I measured the area in as much detail as I could, making sure I added 10 percent extra to account for wastage. I ordered the appropriate amount of flooring. 



Step 2


I started laying in my entryway, making sure that there were no ridiculously narrow boards required. 



Step 3


I then continued laying boards through the kitchen and the dining/living room. 



Step 4


I continued laying into the lounge which was made much easier by laying the boards from left to right.



Step 5


I finished the laying in the main living area. Then there was just a small back hallway to complete. 




Just Starting Out

Did you allow for expansion? 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @StarLighT86. It's fabulous to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about installing Hybrid flooring.

Let me mention @WoodenGregsWood to see if they can answer your question. Typically, as per the manufacturer's installation specifications, an expansion gap must be left at all edges of the boards around the perimeter of the room/area. Here's a helpful step-by-step guide: How to lay vinyl plank flooring.


Are you planning to install some flooring? If so, we'd be keen to hear all about and assist with your project. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Making a Splash


Yes I did allow for expansion gaps around all walls as per the manufacturers instructions.   I can't remember what the actual gap was but it is easily covered with scotia trim.

Having an Impact


Nice outcome. I am also planning to lay hybrid flooring on my existing tile. 

Did you have drummy tiles anywhere in your place ? I have drummy tiles here and there. Not sure how will they react with Hybrid flooring if laid on top of those tiles. 

Plus, did you have to take floor trim before laying the corner once ? How did you do that, what tools you used? What if some trim are broken ?


Thank you. 

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