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Kids cubby house with sandpit and slide

Having an Impact
Having an Impact

Adding fence pickets, a slide, bell, chalkboard and sandpit turned a flatpack cubby into an impressive playhouse.



Finished 2.jpg


The project


I loved having a cubby house as a kid. I wanted my kids to have the same fun memories with a cubby house, so I decided to make it a little project over a couple of weekends.


I wanted to maintain as much space in the backyard as possible as the kids will outgrow the cubby eventually and we will remove it. We had an odd corner between a garden bed and shed so it seemed like a good corner that could be put to better use.


The platform is a four post structure. I dug footings and used quick setting concrete to hold the posts in place. I didn't want to set a post into the lawn if I could help it as it would make it difficult to mow around and would limit access to the sandpit. I opted for a floating corner and used stronger timber to compensate for it.


I used a combination of bolts and coach screws to secure the Pine sleepers to the posts and to create the border for the sandpit and base for the raised platform.


Framing 1.jpg  


Maximising as much space as possible with an unusual shape.


Framing 2.jpg  


Platform nearing completion. The raised platform is floating above the garden bed, maximising the platform space to allow room for the cubby house but minimising the impact it would have on the lawn area.


Framing 4.jpg


The cubby is a flatpack cubby house. I used paint leftover from painting the house and added a Ship Bell and Blue Slide for some extra fun. It got the seal of approval from the kids. We've set up a play kitchen and blackboard menu in there for them and they've turned it into their own space, hopefully for years of fun to come.


Fence pickets added and a blue slide for a quick escape.


Finished 2.jpg   


Sandpit area underneath.


Finished Sandpit.jpg .


Ship bell, blackboard and flowers in planter boxes to dress up the cubby house.


Finished 3.jpg


How to build a cubby house


Resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert Mitchell put together a step-by-step guide to building a fantastic cubby using recycled timber pallets. It has an additional shop and can be built over a few weekends for minimal cost. Follow the guide How to build a pallet cubby.




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