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Kids play table with chalkboard top

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Established Contributor

A kids play table with chalkboard top and tub storage to organise craft materials and toys.




The project


We've been looking for a play table for the ankle biters for a little while but we weren't too fond of the ones we found online. After some research, we found plans to create our own play table.


Not one to shy away from a woodwork challenge, it occurred to me that for roughly the same cost (and some extra tools as a bonus, including a Kreg pocket hole jig and a new orbital sander) I could knock up something using some decent plywood and a bit of elbow grease. And still have some ply left over to build a matching shelf unit.


All in all, I'm pretty rapt with the result, though my edge banding job was fairly dodgy. The kids love the play table, which is really all that matters.


If I ever think of doing something of this magnitude again, I'm using it as an excuse for a table saw. While the circular saw and a straight edge worked really well, aligning the thing perfectly for repetitive cuts got old very quickly.


All the plywood cut to size and first coats of Wipe-On Poly.


IMG_20160806_211546 (Medium).jpg


Initial assembly – loving pocket hole joinery, it makes builds so much quicker!


IMG_20160811_214657 (Medium).jpg


Clear coat finished, and starting on the table top.


IMG_20160820_214554 (Medium).jpg


Built an extra storage unit.


IMG_20160824_211452 (Medium).jpeg


Dry fitting the bezel.


IMG_20160828_172401 (Medium).jpg


Done and (ready to be chalk) dusted!


IMG_20160902_113738 (Medium).jpg


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