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Outdoor entertainment area with gazebo

Cultivating a Following
Cultivating a Following


An outdoor entertaining area created with the installation of Pine sleepers, synthetic turf and the erection of a Canopia Dallas 4900 gazebo with its legs set in concrete.



The project


Hey all, I'm just posting the process of preparing the ground and the erection of our Dallas 4900 gazebo, purchased through Bunnings Special Orders. The ground it is assembled on was fairly sloped and with its wind rating of 110kmh, I needed to make sure the footings were very solid. It has stood up to 100kmh gusts and barely moves.




Step 1


I cleaned and cleared the area where the walls of the base were to be positioned to level the ground. I also began to run the string lines for the right level. 

  1Start 2.jpg


Step 2


Here, I started running the treated Pine sleepers. As the slope was fairly steep, I dug in some of the sleepers and with supports, lifted the others to create the level area to work with.


2Prep 1.jpg


Step 3


Once I had it level to my liking, I boxed in the four corners. I proceeded to drill 4 x 300mm holes to create the footings. Mixing 4 parts crushed rock to 1.5 parts cement in the cement mixer, I created the footings, which included the boxing and the outer sleepers for greater depth. Once the footings were dry, I proceeded to then fill the area with lots of crushed rock, which I packed in thin layers to get the best compaction. To level it up, I screed the rock with a straight edge to get it right.


2Prep 3.jpg


Step 4


Got the synthetic lawn over and rolled it into position. I squared it up and pegged it into the ground. I also used galvanised staples to fix it to the sides. Now it was looking great.


3Lawn up 2.jpg


3Lawn up 3.jpg


Step 5


Now, I created the steps to access this area and the BBQ area. I had stretched it out as best as I could.


3Lawn up 5.jpg


Step 6


Now the best part began. My wife, two sons and their partners started to construct this gazebo. Following the instructions to a T, the assembly ran great. Once we got it to this point, we squared the feet, cut away the synthetic lawn so as to have an accurate footing point, and fixed the brackets into the concrete. Bolting the posts to the footings stabilised it nicely.


4Construction 2.jpg


4Construction 3.jpg


Step 7


I let the concrete dry for five days to get the best purchase on the Dynabolts. It took one day to put the gazebo up and it hasn't moved in the serious winds we have in the Great Dividing Range. The winds where we are are regularly gale force to damaging. The roofing was added as well as the bracings and voila, the gazebo was finished. I stood under the gazebo and it just wiggled a little every gust. Now the weather has improved, it is great to sit under with the family. It is a nice touch to our backyard. 


4Construction 5.jpg


Before and after


1Start 2.jpg


4Construction 4.jpg


Growing in Experience

Hey i love this! Could you provide a detail instruction on how to make the concrete footings (or a picture) im really interested in buying a pergola/ gazeboo to provide shade in my backyard. Thanks

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @asava17,


Let me tag @Heychy so they are aware of your question.


You might like to check out this helpful step-by-step guide: How to pour a concrete slab. Creating a footer is much the same process, but you dig your hole deeper.


Please let us know if you have any questions.




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