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Raised garden beds to keep pets out

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Established Contributor

A vegetable garden in raised beds is a great way to keep pets from digging up or eating your plants.





The project


The next step in my vegie garden journey is building raised garden beds to keep out Audrey our golden retriever and the rabbits, without the need for fencing.




My husband built the beds out of Sienna Pine sleepers from Bunnings, which are food safe, and used 180mm coach bolts to screw the sleepers together. He also put 4 x 4 posts in the corners and bolted them to the sleepers for extra stability.




We filled the garden beds with compost and 2m of vegie soil. I used Lucerne Mulch for my barrels. The Sugar Cane Mulch I've used in the garden beds is a bit easier to work with around the small seedlings and also more value for money.




I planted three types of beans, carrots, Okinawa spinach and strawberries. The other end has brassicas, onions, coriander and sage to help repel the unwanted bugs and encourage the wanted, as well as white pansies masquerading as butterflies (apparently white cabbage moths are territorial). Time will tell if the companion planting works. I also moved my jostaberry and loganberry into this bed.




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